Art provocation: an artist from New Zealand sells a slice of stub on a stele for $6.8 ths.

Art provocation: an artist from New Zealand sells a slice of stub on a stele for $6.8 ths.

The thoughts of the art gallery in Auckland, de filed with the installation, were divided. Some people respect the work of the author as idiotic, others call it genius.

Art provocation: artist from New Zealand sells a slice of stud on a stele for $6.8 thousand.

An artist from New Zealand, Matthew Griffin, put up for sale a custom artrobot. Vin sells a slice of a pickled sturgeon, twisted from a McDonald’s cheeseburger and glued to the wall, for 10 thousand rubles. Australian dollars [$6.8 thousand. USA]. About The Guardian's vision.

As expected, a shocking installation under the name Pickle is presented in an art gallery in Auckland, the largest city in the island power. Here they sing, we’ll call the robot with a “provocative gesture”, we’ll call out for understanding, what can be true.

the artwork was divided. Some people respect the idiotic installation, others call it brilliant and brilliant.

One of the vodvіduvаchіv took the job in a special way. If I tried it in a McDonald’s restaurant, I didn’t appreciate the idea.

“ , and now it’s mystekstvo”, — having commented on the wine.

Part of the peeps focused on the fact that the installation predicted the house robot “Komik” 2019 the fate of the Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan. This is a mature banana, glued with adhesive tape to the wall of the gallery. Arttvir was sold at the Art Basel Biennale in Miami for $120,000.

“ Why is it valuable and meaningful, like a vitvir of art, to lie in fact, like collectively, like a supremacy, it’s possible to victorious tse chi talk about tse”, — from my side, I’m going to tell the director of the gallery Ryan Moore.

I’ll clarify that the buyers will give the Pickle robot clear instructions on how to create art in their own home or in a different space.