Arrón between Gustavo Bolívar and David Luna for political reform: “you should consult the official version”

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The senator from Cambio Radical criticized that the bill wants to increase the presidential term and that of mayors and governors, to which Bolívar told him that it is not true and consult the official version

Garrén between Gustavo Bolívar and David Luna for political reform: “I should consult the official version”

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The political reform promoted by the National Government in Congress and the rumor that the terms of office for presidents and local leaders could be extended have generated much controversy. For this reason, a strong discussion was witnessed by the users of the social network Twitter, between Senator David Luna, from Cambio Radical (opposition party) and Senator Gustavo Bolívar, from the Historical Pact, and one of Petro's squires.

It all started because Luna quoted on Twitter a trill of 'W Alerts' that assured that the government would present in the third debate the proposal to increase the terms of office from four to five years for the president as of from 2026 and for regional leaders from 2027.

“The government of @petrogustavo became a habit of the ‘little articles’. Now they intend to throw this orangutan into the 3rd debate on the Political Reform, without respecting the Law. They clearly want to change the rules of the democratic game. I will oppose it with serious arguments. ”, The senator published on his Twitter account, citing the aforementioned trill.

Garrén between Gustavo Bolívar and David Luna for political reform: “I should consult the official version”

The senator spoke out against the political reform promoted by the Petro government.

The same day, a few hours later, Gustavo Bolívar responded by telling him to “consult the official version”, that this “lasts a minute” and to “stop despairing”; Likewise, he assured that Petro will hand over power on August 7, 2026, as currently indicated in the Political Constitution.

Scramble between Gustavo Bolívar and David Luna for political reform: “I should check the official version”

"Petro hands over power on August 7, 2026"

The thing did not stop there. Luna replied to Bolívar's response, first accepting that his colleague “is right, but asserting that the Minister of Defense, Iván Velásquez, has not answered him for 45 days, but that the Minister of the Interior, by being part of the government bench , yes it will.

Garrén between Gustavo Bolívar and David Luna for political reform: “I should consult the official version”

“The Minister of Defense has not answered me for 45 days.”

At the moment, Bolívar has not answered, and there is no pronouncement or statement by the Minister of Defense either about it.

Political reform: these are the controversial points that were modified in the project

With the approval of the political reform in the second debate within the Congress of the Republic, many Colombians are expecting what this project can really change in this area, which for several decades has caused discomfort in the public sphere.

One ​​of the points that changed significantly within the project was the approach to compulsory voting as a method to combat abstention in electoral and democratic processes. However, with 56 votes against, this proposal did not prosper and was removed from the entire project. Among the arguments on which they relied to 'throw it down' is that abstentionism is a form of democratic expression on the part of citizens.

For its part, one of the aspects that did manage to continue in the reform proposal, but that will still cause a lot of debate is that in the closed lists, which will still be present, both men and women must be present on the same list. amount (although female-only listings will also be allowed). These rules must be submitted to the National Registry and not within the party.

Also within the reform, the parties will be able to call popular or internal consultations at the same time that elections to public corporations are held. For those who want to be part of these consultations, they must have and demonstrate a minimum membership of 6 months with the political party and the results of the consultations are mandatory publication.

In addition, another of the modifications that were made within the reform is that when a person wants to change parties, they must resign from their seat and present their formal departure from the group 6 months before joining the new party. From the very day the political reform begins to be implemented, the parties must modify their statutes to clearly establish the democratic processes by which their candidates will be chosen.

Regarding the aspect of financing, the parties will still be able to receive financial funds from private institutions; However, these political groups will have the obligation to be the ones who manage these resources without the intervention of any third party. In addition, individual candidates may also be financed, but the money must be managed by the party.