Armed men murdered Claudio Silva Otálora in Mazurén, who was a money launderer for drug traffickers

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The action took place on Friday in the north of Bogotá, at which time, apparently, four men approached Silva to shoot him

Armed men murdered Claudio Silva Otálora in Mazurén, who was a money launderer for drug traffickers

The attack with a long weapon was presented near the Mazurén shopping center

General Carlos Fernando Triana, commander of the Bogotá Metropolitan Police, commemorated on Friday, November 11, 31 days without reported homicides in the city, a celebration that was marred by the deceased who registered in the north of Bogotá. A crime that seems to be related to the mafia, drug trafficking and vendettas within the city.

On this occasion, the attack took place against a former member of the now non-existent Administrative Security Department (DAS), and a former agent of the Technical Investigation Corps (CTI) of the Prosecutor's Office. p>

Being noon on Friday, Claudio Silva Otálora, was parked in his private car on Calle 152 with Carrera 50 talking with another person for more than half an hour, according to the police. Then, four individuals appeared on four motorcycles to attempt against the man until they caused the death of him and his companion . Uniformed officers from the sector undertook the pursuit to apprehend the attackers, but they managed to flee the scene.

However, the hitmen left a long rifle-type weapon in their escape, an object that the authorities managed to seize.

Who was Claudio Silva Otálora?

It is known that the man murdered in Mazurén was a state official for some years. He worked at the DAS and later at the CTI, where he retired in 1993.

Apparently, since his departure from the specialized investigation body , Silva Otálora was at the service of the mafia in the center of the country, with a view to the commercialization of narcotics in other territories, especially the United States. He served as front man and main partner of Luis Agustín Caicedo Velandia, with whom he organized one of the largest criminal corporations the country has ever seen.

Due to his criminal acts, he was framed by the Colombian authorities for the crimes of illicit enrichment and money laundering. In addition to being required by a court in the United States.

Claudio Silva was captured in June 2010, designated by the authorities as the second in command of a criminal organization led by Agustín Caicedo, alias 'Don Lucho', who would have been a former emeralder at the disposal of Daniel, 'el loco' Barrera.

After being arrested by the authorities in 2011, he was extradited to the United States United, to appear before a New York court for the crime of money laundering, where he had to accept a sentence of several years after being found guilty.

It should be noted that, in addition to this Criminal record, Silva Otálora, was a well-known merchant at the Corabastos food center, where, apparently, he sold potatoes.

However, his criminal record he was persecuting him because, presumably, he had managed to infiltrate illicit money into the Independiente Santa Fe club around the year 2002. A few months ago, and after settling his debts with the courts, Claudio Silva survived a hitman attack inside a residential complex in the exclusive Colina Campestre sector, in Bogotá.

It was July 28, when men, carrying weapons with silencers, were waiting for Silva Otálora in the complex's parking lot. After the arrival of several armored trucks, the subjects attacked the members of the truck, to which they responded by generating a shooting. In this action, Claudio's driver, Víctor Julio Solano, died. The authorities captured one of the hitmen.

Almost four months later, on November 11, Claudio Silva Otálora suffered the attack that ended his life.

The Metropolitan Police of Bogotá and the Attorney General's Office announced that they had a special team to find the motives for the case and those responsible for the double crime.