Armed Forces of Ukraine will receive revolutionary Swedish weapons: what is its main “trick”

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APU will receive a revolutionary Swedish weapon: what is its main "trick"

Photo: Archer self-propelled guns/

Sweden is preparing to transfer the world's best Archer self-propelled guns – this is one of the newest, revolutionary self-propelled guns in principle, which is absolutely automated. Its main feature is that it can take a position, fire a series of three or four shots and leave before the first shell explodes on enemy positions.

An expert on how Swedish self-propelled guns will help destroy the enemy armaments, chief editor of Defense Express Oleg Katkov on air "Apostrophe TV".

"The crew of the self-propelled guns includes, if I am not mistaken, only three people – commander, gunner and driver. The crew does not deal with ammunition, except for laying them in the automatic loader", he said.

Oleg Katkov added that this self-propelled gun was created directly on the concept of counter-battery combat and combat on the principle of maneuver – fire – maneuver. It can move into position, fire a series of three or four shots and leave before the first shell explodes on enemy positions.

This is a technique that aims in a matter of seconds, opens fire almost immediately after how did you stop.

"That is, this is a spaceship, even if we compare it with the American M-109 Paladin. But there are some nuances, as with any new automated technology. They lie in the fact that during intensive operation certain things can come out that were not laid down by the designers and were not found during moderate operation in peacetime. That is, this self-propelled gun is definitely not designed to overwhelm the enemy with hundreds of shells", the expert explained.

According to him, the Archer self-propelled guns cannot fire from the ground, that is, when the shells lie nearby and they are simply fed along the conveyor to the self-propelled guns themselves in order to conduct constant fire.

“This self-propelled guns has its own ammunition – about two dozen shells – after working out which you need to go to recharge. That is, these self-propelled guns are constantly on the move. Regarding the range, this is the best weapon in terms of firing, in particular, at a range of 50-60 km with high-precision 155 mm projectiles", Oleg Katkov summarized.

Prepared by: Sergey Daga 

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