Ari Borovoy raised his hand to produce the opening show of the 2026 World Cup

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The former OV7 sent a message via twitter to the Foreign Secretary who is enjoying the world cup in Qatar

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Ari Borovoy raised his hand to produce the opening show of the 2026 World Cup

Ari Borovoy raised his hand for Bobo Producciones to take over the opening event of the 2026 World Cup a be held in Mexico. (Instagram).

The Secretary of Foreign Relations, Marcelo Ebrad, was present during the inauguration and the first meeting of the 2024 World Cup between Qatar and Ecuador at the Al Bayt Stadium in the city of Doha.

As is his custom, the Mexican foreign minister shares with his followers part of his activities inside and outside the country and this was no exception, since he uploaded a video to his twitter account prior to the opening of the world cup in that country. Arabic.

What drew attention was that he wrote on his social network about the ideas that he could get for 2026, since Mexico will share the venue for the next World Cup with the United States and Canada, where The Colossus of Santa Úrsula would receive its third inauguration in the history of the World Cups and the Mexican foreign minister is already preparing everything for what could be experienced in Mexico City in three and a half years.

“Thinking of the ceremony that we will have to do in 2026 at the inauguration in Mexico” wrote the Secretary of Foreign Affairs on his official twitter account.

Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard published a video through his twitter account prior to the opening of the Qatar 2022 World Cup. (Twitter).

However, the first to raise his hand was the former member of OV7 and now producer of Bobo Producciones, Ari Borovoy who offered his services to the Mexican foreign minister to take the reins of the inaugural show in 2024.

“Chancellor, don't worry about that, we produce incredible, my company is called BoBo Producciones, we are the largest 100% Mexican company in the production of live events. Trust me, no one better than us to produce such an important event in Mexico for the world”, wrote the person in charge of the 90′s pop tour.

Bobo Producciones

Ari Borovoy and Jack Borovoy created Bobo Producciones more than 15 years ago, one of the companies specialized in creating an image for artistic talent, public relations and production, adding the music area shortly after.

From his role as CEO and founder of BOBO, Ari Borovoy is the creative manager of the projects that the company carries out. It is thanks to her many years of experience in the music industry as a singer of OV7, that she has been able to promote the career of other colleagues such as Lemongrass, JNS, Par de Reinas, Fernanda Castillo, Mauricio Martínez, among many others. more.

In an interview for digital media, Ari said: “Renew or die And I don't mean just the music. I mean, before there were only two media outlets in Mexico, Televisión Azteca and Televisa, it was all television. Today there are a million media outlets: there are newspapers, there are millions of blogs, youtubers, influencers, you have to know how to reach people and once you reach people, you put it in the bag, it is with a single ingredient called quality.”

Ari Borovoy raised his hand to produce the opening show of the 2026 World Cup

Bobo Producciones are in charge of the 90's and 2000's Pop Tour. (Archive).

However, the reactions of Internet users were immediate and just as some unconditionally support the young businessman's career, others do not consider him to be up to the task of an event of international stature such as the world cup.

“They make it incredible I have seen videos of the 90's pop tours on YouTube and Wow, music that is worth it, have you thought about doing that type of show outside of Mexico? Because I would go yes or yes ”. @hillasof

“@m_ebrard without a doubt @BOBOProduccion makes the best events in Mexico 🙌🏻 just check out the full ones that @90sPopTour @2000sPopTour @MATUTEmx @grupojns have among many others that drive 🙌🏻🎶 should take a walk on Nov 25 to the sand and see “. @MOXAMAY

“@ARIBOROVOY Ari please don't lie. I have been to the last few shows that they have presented in Monterrey (90s and 2000 Pop Tour), in different areas, and the sound is terrifying. The microphones fail and the stage is not taken advantage of, there are those who see the entire show “backwards”. There are a thousand complaints.” @Keko_Garcia

an international class event like a World Cup.