Argentine defense minister urges Britain to discuss fate of Falkland Islands

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Argentine Minister of Defense urged Britain to discuss the fate of the Falkland Islands

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Argentine Minister of Defense Jorge Tayana called the UK to discuss the fate of the Falkland Islands, The Times reports, citing an official statement from the military department.

"We believe in international law, we believe in  the peaceful resolution of conflicts, and therefore we ask for  dialogue, so that the British finally sit down at the negotiating table to discuss the Malvin sovereignty dispute, — said Tayana at the wire-off of the Argentinean peacekeepers who are sent as part of the UN contingent on a peacekeeping mission in Cyprus.

The Falkland (or Malvinas) Islands are the subject of a territorial dispute between Argentina and the UK . After the war for possession of the islands, which was won by Great Britain, the Falklands were given the status of an overseas territory, and in 2013 a referendum was held, in which the vast majority of the 1,500 islanders chose to remain part of the UK.< /p>

However, Argentina continues to consider this archipelago its own, which is a stumbling block in relations between countries.

Prepared by: Sergey Daga 

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