Argentina – Saudi Arabia: humiliation for Messi and the Albiceleste, the summary of the match

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“Argentina – Saudi Arabia: humiliation for Messi and the Albiceleste, the summary of the match”

Argentina - Saudi Arabia: humiliation for Messi and the Albiceleste, the summary of the match

Argentina – Saudi Arabia. The Argentinians have completely missed out on their entry into contention in the World Cup by losing to Saudi Arabia (1-2), Tuesday in Qatar. Discover the summary of this historic defeat of the Albiceleste against the Saudis of Hervé Fox.

Argentina - Saudi Arabia: humiliation for Messi and the Albiceleste, the summary of the match

Argentina 1 : 2Messi, Lionel 10’ – ArgentinaAl-Shehri, Saleh 48’ – Saudi ArabiaAl Dawsari, Salem 53’ – Saudi Arabia

Argentina - Saudi Arabia: humiliation for Messi and the Albiceleste, the match summary

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13:32 – The summary of the match: Saudi Arabia creates the sensation

It is certainly one of the greatest feats in the history of the World Cup. 51st nation in the world in the Fifa ranking, Saudi Arabia has ended its the series of 36 matches without defeat of Argentina this Tuesday in Qatar during the first day of the group stage of the World Cup (1-2). Lionel Messi had however succeeded in put the Albiceleste on the right track at the start of the match, by converting a nicely awarded penalty; to the Argentinians after a slight foul on Leandro Paredes (1-0, 10th). But the Saudis never gave up hope.

Very well organized, the players of French coach Hervé Renard made the Argentine team doubt before completely reversing the situation at the start of the second period, through Al-Shehri (1-1, 48th) and Al -Dawsari (1-2, 53rd). L'Albiceleste made a good attempt; to push until the final whistle but Saudi goalkeeper Al-Owais shone. in order to ensure the exploit of the Falcons. A historic success that allows the Saudis to seize the lead of group C. Argentina will not be on their side. no choice in his last two games.

13:24 – The summary Argentina-Saudi Arabia video

Argentina lost to Saudi Arabia (1-2) on Tuesday when they entered the Cup of the world in Qatar, despite a goal from Lionel Messi. Find the summary video below of this historic meeting.

13:19 – Huge disappointment for Argentina

Argentina has just experienced one of the biggest disappointments in its history in the World Cup with this defeat against Saudi Arabia (1-2). Lionel Messi and his teammates will have to recover from it to seek qualification in the last two games, Saturday against Mexico and next Wednesday against Poland.

13:14 – Saudi Arabia take the lead in Group C

Thanks to; this success in front of Argentina (2-1), Saudi Arabia seizes the head of pool C, pending the match between Poland and Mexico, the kick-off of which will be given ; to 5 p.m. French time.

1:08 p.m. – It's over. ! Argentina lose against Saudi Arabia!

It's over at the Lusail stadium! Argentina loses against Saudi Arabia for their start in the World Cup (1-2). Lionel Messi had opened the scoring (10th, sp) but the Saudis overthrew; the situation in the second period thanks to Al-Shehri (49th) and Al-Dawsari (53rd).

13:06 – Hervé Renard calls for an end to the match

While we already have exceeded the 13 minutes of additional time, Hervé Renard desperately demands an end to the meeting. But Mr. Vincic still does not whistle!

13:04 – Another stoppage of Al-Owais

The Argentinians continue to push in this end match and this time it's Julian Alvarez who tries his luck with a header, but Al-Owais blocks the ball perfectly.

13:02 – Al-Shahrani exits on stretcher

Yasir Al-Shahrani was evacuated on a stretcher, hoping the Saudi player is okay. The shock was very violent but he is conscious, according to the first images. It is in any case replaced. by Al-Burayk for the last few minutes.

12:58 – Scramble in the Saudi box

Confusing situation in the Saudi area, after a clash between goalkeeper Al-Owais and Al-Shahrani, who took his goalkeeper's knee in the head. He is K.O. and the game is stopped, having initially continued. The Argentinians did not take advantage of it.

12:55 – Al-Owais collects a yellow card

Saudi Arabia goalkeeper Al -Owais receives a yellow card for protesting after an unwhistled charge at him by Mr. Vincic, who did not like it. the vehemence of the Saudi goalkeeper.

12:54 – Eight minutes added time

Mr. Vincic allows eight minutes of additional time in this second period between Argentina and Saudi Arabia, which still leads 2 goals to 1 and which is close to a huge surprise now…

12:51 – Saudi Arabia: Renard makes two changes

Saudi Arabia coach Hervé Renard makes two changes. Al-Brikan and Al-Abid are replaced by Asiri and Al-Amri respectively.

12:47 – Messi's head!

On a very good cross from Angel Di Maria from the right wing, Lionel Messi manages to hit the ball. Headed home at the far post, but lacked the power to worry Al-Owais, who easily picked up the ball.

12:45 – Two players saudis in the know

Saud Abdulhamid is shown a yellow card for a rough foul on Julian Alvarez. Side Saudi Arabia, Al-Dawsari also harvested a card a few minutes ago.

12:43 – Messi misses his free kick

In an ideal position to take a free kick, Lionel Messi misses his gesture and sends the ball directly into the stands. Much to the relief of Saudi fans!

12:40 – Saudi Arabia: Al-Shehri replaced

Scorer of the equalizing goal, Saleh Al-Shehri is replaced. for this end of match by Sultan Al-Ghannam on the side; from Saudi Arabia.

12:39 – Saudi Arabia: Al-Bulaihi warned

Saudi Arabia defender Ali Al-Bulaihi was shown a yellow card in the second half for attempting to gain some time after a whistled free kick; in favor of the Saudis.

12:36 – Di Maria strikes with the right foot

Well found; in the area by Lionel Messi, Angel Di Maria decides to strike with his wrong foot, the right, and that does not worry the Saudi goalkeeper Al-Owais who lies down well.

12:34 – Argentina: Tagliafico replaced

The Argentine coach makes a fourth change in this second period. The side of Lyon Nicolas Tagliafico is replaced; by Marcos Acuna, Sevilla FC player.

12:33 – Martinez does not fit for Argentina

On a corner hit; from the left by Lionel Messi, Lautaro Martinez deviates with a header at the near post but the Inter striker does not fit at all. Saudi Arabia will be able to relaunch quietly.

12:30 – Good intervention from Al-Owais

On a cross a little missed; by Julian Alvarez, the young Manchester City player, the Saudi goalkeeper Al-Owais makes a good intervention in the air and captures the ball well.

12:30 – Al- Malki warned by Mr. Vincic

For a tackle a little too committed; on Otamendi, Al-Malki collects a yellow card in this second period. Logical decision by the Slovenian referee on this one.

12:27 – Corners for Argentina

The Argentinians put the pressure on the Saudi goal with two consecutive corners but the defense led by goalkeeper Al-Owais held firm on this one.

12:25 – Crazy atmosphere at the Lusail stadium

Saudi Arabia's two goals took this meeting and this stage of Lusail in another dimension. The many Saudi supporters present create a very nice atmosphere and compete with the Argentinians.

12:22 – Argentina: Scaloni makes three changes

The Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni makes three changes at once! Romero, Papu Gomez and Leandro Paredes are respectively replaced by Lisandro Martinez, Julian Alvarez and Enzo Fernandez.

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