Arestovich decided to insult all active citizens of our country

Arestovich decided to insult all active citizens of our country

Arestovich decided to offend all active citizens of our country

Photo: Arestovich's Facebook< /em>

Yermak's adviser illustrated his attitude towards activists with a vivid meme.

This happened on the second day after the funeral of activist Roman Ratushny, which caused outrage among part of society.

< p>"Ukrainian culture strikes and delights.

Until activists were allowed there.

There is not a single person in the world who would feel Ukrainian music and not get carried away.

Because there are no activists there.

Ukraine dominates esports – the activists haven't gotten there yet.

Agro-innovation, banking, e-government, even the Armed Forces – we're demonstrating world models that he's crazy about and wants to reach for.

No activists yet.

Modern Ukrainian literature is good where it was able to defend itself from activists.

I don’t know how Ukrainian sex is there (I haven’t been there for a long time), but let me guess – the world wants it madly or they already managed to will our activists appear? – Arestovich wrote and posted a meme about g#ndon.

"Office of the President of Ukraine, can this be considered the position of the entire vertical? If not, then take away from the worthless access to the network, please. I would like to write about many in detail, but first of all it is difficult for me to put into my head how you can write this two days after the country's farewell to Roman Ratushny. This is a spit and a disgrace,” journalist Maxim Opanasenko commented on Arestovich's post.

Prepared by: Nina Petrovich