Are new tires made two years ago still new?

Are new tires made two years ago still new?

They offer me new tires, but the manufacture is now two years old. Is it negligible or should I go for other tires?


Hello Claude,

It is proven that after five years a tire quietly begins to lose its grip. So, the answer to your question lies above all in the use you make of your vehicle: if you plan to keep these tires for more than three or four years, it would be better to go for a tire with a manufacturing date. more recent. On the other hand, if you ride a lot and wear out your tires within two or three years, you can get hold of them without fear.

Remember, however, that it is better to opt for a tire that is a little older, but of good quality, than for a tire fresh from the factory, but of mediocre quality. You will notice the difference in handling, braking, noise level and comfort.

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