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PA JG Arco Iris, Las Zorras, Proyecto XXI: the teams with the strangest names in Chilean soccer | Soccer - The Times Hub

Arco Iris, Las Zorras, Proyecto XXI: the teams with the strangest names in Chilean soccer | Soccer

    Arco Iris, Las Zorras, Proyecto XXI: the teams with the strangest names in Chilean soccer | Soccer

    In each commune, town or town there is a soccer team. Therefore, creating a registry with the casts from all the remote corners of our country is an impossible task.

    Nevertheless, Héctor Gatica Wiermann made the effort to gather in his book “Almanac of Chilean football: clubs” to the squads that have played professionally -or have been close- in Chilean football.

    And while distinguished teams such as Cobreloa, Santiago Wanderers, Magallanes, Colo Colo, Universidad Católica or Deportes Temuco adorn the main pages of the writing, there is also space for less well-known casts or with rather curious names.

    The following is a list of some of the strangest named clubs that have played in Chilean professional or semi-professional soccer.

    Chilean Antarctica

    The name immediately invites us to think about the Arctic territory of our country, but this team was founded very far from the southern part of Chile.

    The Club Hacienda El Cardal was established on January 20, 1928 in Nancagua, O’Higgins region, and changed its name to Chilean Antarctic Sports Organization Club In 1940.

    FILE | Municipality of Nancagua

    The cast wears black and white, emulating the colors of the penguins, an animal that appears on their shield.

    The Nancagua club played in the Fourth Division between 1993 and 1995, after winning a place after being champion of the Association of their commune.


    On February 23, 1923, in the commune of Catemu, the Rainbow Sports Club.

    It is one of the historic teams of the San Felipe Association and played, between 1956 and 1957, the Central Zone Regional (future Fourth Division).


    The words Brazil and bad football rarely go together in a sentence, except when talking about the Club de Deportes y Social Brasil de Putaendo.

    The squad was founded on May 21, 1954 and holds the unwelcome title of being the worst team in the history of Chilean soccer.

    Arco Iris, Las Zorras, Proyecto XXI: the teams with the strangest names in Chilean soccer | Soccer

    FILE | Third

    Brazil played in the Fourth Division in 1996, 1997 and, later, in 2005 and 2006. His second stint in semi-professional football allowed him to achieve a negative record in his 24 games played: 0 wins, 0 draws, 24 defeats, 19 goals from for and 182 goals against.

    So disastrous was the ‘Verdeamarelo’ campaign that, in 2007, they were challenged by Tricolor de Paine, popular for the saying “more bad than Tricolor de Paine”, to play the “classic of the bad guys”: those from Putaendo lost 3- 0 the first leg and 3-0 the return match.

    Christ Saves – Christ Lives

    Christ Saves – Christ Lives was the name of the club that former Argentine striker Luis Alberto Ramos founded in Ñuñoa, on April 14, 2000.

    The cast was made up of players of evangelical faith and some members of Ramos’s own soccer school, who had distanced himself from Hosanna, a Christian team established a few years ago in Santiago.

    Cristo Salva – Cristo Vive was promoted to the Third Division in 2001 and played two years in the category, where he served as a local in the Municipal Stadiums of San Bernardo and Santiago Bueras de Maipú.


    Seeing the shield of the Gasparín Soccer Club one already pays attention to the El Bosque-based box: the Thundercats logo, a gas ball, and the team’s name in blue letters.

    Founded as Nueva Juventud de San Ramón in 1991, they were nicknamed the “Soccer Gas” in 2013 and, after a major restructuring, they changed their name to Gasparín FC.

    The name of the club, which has played in Tercera A and Tercera B, comes from a gas distributor of the same name that operates in La Pintana and belongs to one of the institution’s leaders.

    Arco Iris, Las Zorras, Proyecto XXI: the teams with the strangest names in Chilean soccer | Soccer

    FILE | Facebook Gasparín FC


    The Sea People Sports Club It is one of the most recognized teams in Penco, but there was a homonymous cast founded on January 20, 1920 in the neighboring commune of Talcahuano.

    The group was formed by the union of stevedores of the maritime transport of the city ‘chorera’ and was one of the pioneers in the Regional Championship of Concepción.

    This league, which had two semi-professional divisions, was the gateway for teams from Bío Bío and other regions of southern Chile to join the Central League (future ANFP).

    Youth 2000

    With the intention of “training professional players for the new millennium”, it was founded in Curicó on March 27, 1988. Sports Club Youth Soccer Academy 2000.

    In 1997 he was champion of the Fourth Regional Division and rose to Third, joining ANFA to represent the city ‘tortera’.

    Over the years, in addition to serving as a children’s academy, it organized international tournaments that attracted attention in Curicó, where the La Granja stadium was filled with the presence of Brazilian, Argentine and Peruvian teams, among others.

    The Foxes

    On April 1, 1913, the Las Zorras Sports Club, which adopted that name in 1924 in reference to the large number of foxes that inhabited the area between the Rocuant and San Roque hills.

    The ‘azulgrana’ cast was a great protagonist in the incipient professional leagues of Buenos Aires between the 1920s and 1960s, crowning themselves champion on repeated occasions.

    Arco Iris, Las Zorras, Proyecto XXI: the teams with the strangest names in Chilean soccer | Soccer

    Las Zorras vs Español (1937) | enterreno.com

    The puppies

    On April 1, 1934, the Los Cachorros Sports and Cultural Club.

    Made up of three social corporations from the commune of the Maule region, the ‘albiverde’ team competed from 1999 to 2001 in the Fourth Division and, to this day, plays in the Sagrada Familia Association.

    Project XXI

    Professor Mario Herrera Benavides founded in Cerrillos, on October 24, 1997, the Project XXI Sports Club.

    The teacher assembled the team with the intention of projecting players for the new century and, between 2000 and 2001, they played the Fourth Division.

    Independent Republic of Hualqui

    Founded on June 20, 2016 and affiliated with Tercera División since 2017, the Independent Republic of Hualqui Sports Club it has a historical reference to its name.

    After the patriot victory in the War for the Independence of Chile, the looting of the diminished royalist troops affected several towns in the south, being Hualqui one of the most attacked.

    Arco Iris, Las Zorras, Proyecto XXI: the teams with the strangest names in Chilean soccer | Soccer

    FILE | Third Passion

    The null support of the Government of Concepción despite the help requested by the Hualquinos, motivated the neighbors to rise up and proclaim the independence of the commune in 1823.

    After two days, and after the arrival of an army battalion to provide aid to the inhabitants, the Republic of Hualqui came to an end.

    Small Star

    The Small Star F.C. was founded on October 1, 1907, in the Recoleta neighborhood of Santiago, being one of the famous cadres of the Metropolitan League.

    The ‘Little Star’ stopped playing at the federated level in 2001 and, since then, have played senior level tournaments and formed children’s teams.

    They came to have great popularity and infrastructure, having a stadium in El Salto and another complex in the Patronato neighborhood.

    Super Lo Miranda

    On August 10, 1980, in the O’Higgins region, workers from the Súper Pollo de Lo Miranda slaughterhouse created the Super Lo Miranda Sports Club.

    Arco Iris, Las Zorras, Proyecto XXI: the teams with the strangest names in Chilean soccer | Soccer

    FILE | Chilean Soccer Souvenirs

    With the support of the company (today Agrosuper), they entered the Third Division and were champions in 1983, obtaining promotion to the Second.

    However, in 1986 they were demoted by secretariat. The few sporting achievements and the low attendance of the public to their matches that, forced, they had to play in El Teniente or Municipal de Rancagua, led the Super Lo Miranda to cease its activities.

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