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Archives | November 22, 1963, the president

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John F. Kennedy and his wife Jackie Kennedy, November 22, 1963. Screenshot Téléjournal, November 22, 2003.


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Sixty years ago, U.S. President John F. Kennedy was shot while walking through a cheering crowd in Dallas, Texas. Our archives look back at this tragic moment in the history of the United States and the world.

I was in secondary school, it was our teacher who told us about it. He was devastated.

A quote from Hillary Clinton

In the streets, in front of their radio or television sets, Americans are in a state of shock.

He was arriving from the airfield in his open car when, suddenly, the air was torn by three shots. The president, his head bleeding, collapsed on the bench, as did Senator Connelly, who was wounded in the chest.

A quote from Jean Grand'landau, journalist

At 2 a.m. Eastern Standard Time, President Kennedy, one of the most popular Americans the United States has ever known, succumbed to his injuries. This is what journalist Jean Grand'landau describes in this extract from the Radiojournal of November 22, 1963.

< p class="StyledImageCaptionLegend-sc-57496c44-2 sbxsP">Journalist Jean Grand'landau reports details surrounding the assassination of US President John F. Kennedy in Dallas, Texas. Remontage of archive images from November 22

Accompanied by his wife Jackie Kennedy, the president then made the third stage of his trip to Texas.< /p>

In Canada, it was in the middle of a parliamentary session that the members of the House of Commons in Ottawa learned the news.

Lester B. Pearson, Canadian Prime Minister from 1963 to 1968.

The Prime Minister Canadian of the time, Lester B. Pearson, delivers an emotional message.

The assassination of President Kennedy is a catastrophe, not only for the citizens of the United States, but also for the entire population of free countries. This is the greatest tragedy of our time.

A quote from Lester B. Pearson

On behalf of Canadians, he offers his condolences to the Kennedy family and the Americans. He compares Kennedy to Lincoln and mentions that both presidents were champions of equality among all citizens of the United States.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy became president in 1961.

The host Jacques Fauteux recalls the main points of the accession of John Kennedy as President of the United States.

On January 22, 1961, following the swearing-in of JFK, host Jacques Fauteux returns to the journey of the 35th President of the United States.

At 43, John F. Kennedy is the youngest president to enter the White House. He will become, after 1000 days in office, the youngest president to lose his life.

On the program Caméra 63 broadcast on December 29, 1963, journalist François Morisset comments on JFK's funeral where the entire nation pays tribute to him.

Journalist François Morisset on the events surrounding the JFK assassination. The assassination of Lee Harvey Oswald, the new President Johnson and the funeral of John F Kennedy.

The highest civil and military honors are paid to the president murdered.

Moving and strong at the same time in her pain, Mrs. Kennedy is there with her two children, her daughter Caroline and little John John. She bows before her husband's coffin and kisses the flag that covers it.

A quote from François Morisset, journalist

The alleged killer, Lee Oswald, is captured hours after the president's assassination. But less than 48 hours after his arrest, Oswald was shot at point-blank range by Jack Ruby, a nightclub owner.

As in fact state this report by Joyce Napier broadcast on the news bulletin L'heure du midion November 22, 2003, several theories surround the death of the American president.

< p class="StyledImageCaptionLegend-sc-57496c44-2 sbxsP">Journalist Joyce Napier looks back on the Warren Commission and the American reaction to the assassination of JFK.

“Did Oswald act alone or was he a pawn in a grand plot to eliminate the president? Were the Soviets behind this murder? What if it was Lyndon Johnson, Kennedy's vice-president, who instigated the coup? Why didn't the CIA, which knew things about Oswald, say anything? »

60 years after the fact, despite the Warren Commission charged with shedding light on the JFK assassination and the disclosure of thousands of documents made public , more than 60% of Americans still believe in the conspiracy theory.

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