Arbitrum team rolls out Nitro update to testnet

Arbitrum team rolls out Nitro update to testnet

Team Arbitrum deployed Nitro update on testnet

The developers of Arbitrum's Layer 2 (L2) scaling solution have begun testing the Nitro update, which is designed to reduce transaction fees and increase throughput.

If the tests on the Rinkeby testnet are successful, within The project team will deploy the update to the mainnet in two weeks. 

Nitro is based on WebAssembly Transaction Authentication (WASM). This allows AVM to be configured and compiled using standard programming tools and languages.

The update also integrates the core of Geth, one of the most popular Ethereum clients, into the solution. It is expected that this will simplify the L2 integration process, since developers will not need to further optimize various parameters.

As a reminder, Arbitrum crashed in January 2022 — due to an error in the Sequencer smart contract, the solution network stopped producing blocks.

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