AR: Russia buys ammunition from North Korea

AR: Russia buys ammunition from North Korea

AR: Russia buys ammunition North Korea

  AR: Russia buys munitions from North Korea

An agency source said this indicates a severe supply shortage faced by the Russian military in Ukraine

The Russian Ministry of Defense is in the process of buying millions of rocket and artillery shells from North Korea for its ongoing war in Ukraine.

This is according to US intelligence findings, which have recently been downgraded.

A US official who spoke on condition of anonymity so as to be able to discuss intelligence findings, said that the fact that Russia is turning to the isolated state, North Korea, demonstrates that “the Russian military continues to experience a severe shortage of supplies in Ukraine, partly caused by increased export controls and sanctions.”

Representatives U.S. intelligence believes that Russia may be looking to purchase additional military equipment from North Korea in the future.

Chino The Vnick did not specify how many weapons Russia intends to buy from North Korea.

The intelligence findings came to light after the Biden administration recently confirmed that the Russian military received Iranian-made drones in August for use in combat operations in Ukraine .