APU has already broken the enemy, but it's too early to relax

APU has already broken the enemy, but it's too early to relax

The Armed Forces of Ukraine have already broken the enemy, but it is too early to relax

Preparation for the counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine consisted in establishing fire control, destruction of the equipment of the invaders and their depletion.

As the head of the joint press center of the operational command “South” Natalya Gumenyuk, these actions allowed the Ukrainian army to go on the offensive.

“Having exhausted the enemy, we already have the strength and ability to launch offensive operations in several directions, which is happening now”,– she said.

According to the speaker, in some areas, Ukrainian fighters managed to break through the first line of enemy defense, and the “DPR” militants who were there, rushed to flee from their positions. At the same time, Gumenyuk called for patience and stressed that the military operation needs silence.

“You need to be aware that any actions, even if they inspire, must have a logical conclusion, only then they will be effective. Therefore, there is news, it inspires everyone, then you need to be patient”, & ndash; she said.

The official noted that the occupiers have quite powerful forces in the right-bank Kherson region, since they have been gathering them there for a long time. Nevertheless, the Armed Forces of Ukraine successfully destroy enemy ammunition depots, command, command and observation posts, as well as air defense systems and weapons. So, over the past week, more than 10 ammunition depots have been destroyed.

“This, of course, weakened the enemy, but we do not cherish empty hopes, realizing that the enemy is still quite powerful. And even the fact that they have a moral destabilization in their troops somewhere can be used by us in our favor, but it’s too early to relax, – Gumenyuk said.

She also reminded that the Armed Forces of Ukraine do not destroy infrastructure facilities and take care of their citizens. At the same time, the military leadership urges Ukrainians to evacuate from where there may be active hostilities, or wait out the dangerous time in shelter.

Prepared by: Nina Petrovich