Apple will take part in the creation of a new Martin Scorsese film killer’s moon flower

Apple примет участие в создании нового фильма Мартина Скорсезе Убийцы цветочной луны

Apple will join with Paramount Pictures to work on the new Martin Scorsese film “the Killer flower of the moon” (Killers of the Flower Moon), which will play Leonardo Di Caprio and Robert De Niro.

According to deadline, the project budget, according to various estimates, from 150 million to 225 million dollars.

Previously, Paramount was in talks not only with Apple but also Netflix, which was released the previous Scorsese film “the Irishman”. The new movie will be original content Apple, and Paramount Pictures will be responsible for the release of the film in theaters.

Transaction between the Corporation and the creators of the film have not yet concluded, but the newspaper’s sources suggest that it could happen in the coming days.

We will remind, the picture will be based on the bestseller by American writer David Faced “Killer flower of the moon. Oil. Money. Blood” in 2017.

The book tells the real story that unfolded in Oklahoma in the 1920-ies. In the center of the plot is the investigation of a series of brutal murders of native Americans from the tribe of Osage that occurred after the Indian nation discovered oil. It took John Edgar Hoover, who later managed to lead the FBI and to hold the post of its Director for nearly 50 years.

The script will be written by Oscar-Eric Roth, who worked on the films “Forrest Gump”, “Mysterious history of Benjamin Button,” “Munich” etc.

As previously reported, brad pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio and Matt Damon refused to appear in “Brokeback mountain.”

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