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Apple secretly continues to work on Vision Pro: what is known about the gadget that everyone forgot about

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jul6,2024

Apple secretly continues to work on Vision Pro: what is known about the gadget that everyone forgot about

The idea of ​​headsets in the form of glasses was extremely popular in the early 2010s, but all attempts to appeal to the mass consumer failed due to the poor quality of the glass and the general unpreparedness of this type of product.

Since then, few people have mentioned them, but Apple secretly continues to work on its debut smart glasses . Bloomberg writes about it.

It is known that the development of conditional Apple Glass is at a “very early stage”. The company's goal is to create lightweight glasses that provide augmented reality functionality.

There were speculations that Apple could release its smart glasses in the next few years, i.e. in 2026-2027, but now these dates have shifted to 2-3 years ahead. Obviously, this is due to the many problems that arise during development, especially given Apple's scrupulous “genius” and attention to detail.

The idea behind Apple Glass is to create a device that resembles glasses with little extra weight. Users will be able to use them like regular glasses, but with the added ability to have AR elements appear in their vision. Compared to Apple Vision Pro, people will be able to see the world around them, not in a comprehensive way.

The new generation of smart glasses, equipped with artificial intelligence and AI assistants in the style of ChatGPT, as experts expect, will be able to interest consumers so , as Google Glass failed to do. In addition to Apple, Samsung and other IT giants make their full-fledged augmented reality glasses.

It is expected that the next major project of Apple will be the MacBook with a flexible screen. It will lay the foundation for a new category of Apple devices: a regular laptop when folded, and a monoblock when unfolded and with connected accessories.

Also, for the next couple of years, Apple has planned a radical redesign of the iPhone, MacBook Pro, and Apple Watch. The people of Cupertino intend to make their devices “the thinnest and lightest gadgets in their categories”.

Natasha Kumar

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