Apple patents “spy camera”

Apple patents “spy camera”

Apple patents


Apple is exploring the possibility of installing a hidden camera in smart watches Apple Watch, reports the Apple Insider portal. The company has already been issued a corresponding patent.

The company's engineers suggested placing the camera directly in Digital Crown — so users can take pictures when the watch is on their wrist. In order to take a picture of the desired object, it will be enough to stretch out your hand. At the same time, only the location of the camera is known from the published document. There is no information about technical characteristics, camera model and details about its operation.

However, Apple Insider experts have already managed to highlight the problems associated with installing the camera in apple watch. One of them is the  complexity of mounting the lens in the Digital Crown, which in itself is a rather complicated element. Apple Insider recalled that one of the inventors of the new patent is Tyler Bushnell, who was also the author of a previous patent application for upgrading the watch wheel. Then he suggested using a touch analog instead of a mechanical Digital Crown, which would potentially free up more space for camera placement.

Prepared by: Sergey Daga