Apple offered to take an old Android smartphone to get a discount on the iPhone

Apple offered to buy the new iPhone to take an old Android smartphone. The information appeared on the website of the IT giant in China.

Apple предложила сдать старый Android-смартфон для получение скидки на iPhone

We are talking about the Trade-In program in which owners are encouraged to donate the outdated device and get a discount for buying a new iPhone. Participating devices included in a special list. If in the list there is no machine that the owner would like to lease to buy a new product from “Apple” giant, you can upload it on a free disposal.

Specialized media, which reported on Apple shares, writing that the company is too underestimated Android smartphones. For example, to take the flagship model of Huawei P30 and P30 Pro American Corporation offers for only $ 28, which is approximately 2 000. For Xiaomi Mi 6 you can get only 63 dollars, and for the Xiaomi Mi 8 – 105.

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