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Apple is working on making its devices more durable

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jul3,2024

Apple is working on making its devices more durable

Apple is working on making its devices more durable. To do this, they use a combination of technologies, software updates and modernized repair services, Wccftech reports with reference to Mark Gurman from Bloomberg.

What happened

Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman said that Apple is working to make the company's devices work as long as possible. Users are likely to invest more in these products because they know the devices will last longer. Also, this step can motivate buyers who previously did not want to spend on Apple gadgets.

Gurman draws attention to the fact that the company has published a report on the durability of its products. He showed that new production technologies, repair capabilities and software support allow the company's products to “live longer”. According to Apple, gadgets released back in 2017 can work with the company's modern operating systems.

Why it's interesting

Apple has long been criticized for she consciously "gets old" their devices so that people buy new ones. Thus, its actions can be not only an advantage for customers, but also an answer to critics.

There is another reason why the company is ready to take such a step. Sales have declined in five of the last six quarters. That is, it is extremely important for the company to find new sources of income. Of course, increasing the durability of devices does not guarantee further success. Here, all hope is for the “Services” direction. Some analysts estimate it at $1.5-1.6 trillion by the end of 2024. This sounds like a good opportunity to increase your income stream.

Natasha Kumar

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