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Apple is working on full-fledged augmented reality glasses that will replace the headset

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun25,2024

Apple is working on full-fledged augmented reality glasses that will replace the headset

Apple introduced the Vision Pro with a very high price tag earlier this year. And although the company aims to expand the headset to other countries, demand for the product is weaker than originally expected. This is partly due to the cost of the first generation, so the company is already working on a cheaper model. But we've known for a long time that Apple's ultimate goal is minimalist glasses. What is known about it?

In addition to a cheaper version of the Vision Pro headset, Apple also plans to work on the long-awaited Apple Glass augmented reality glasses. Previously, there were rumors that the director of the company, Tim Cook, was offered not to release the Vision Pro for a few more years, in order to immediately present the form factor of the glasses to the public. However, as we can see, he refused. Apple's augmented reality glasses will hit the market later than expected

According to a new report published by Mark Gurman, Apple Glass is in the early stages of development, and they will take a few more years to see the light of day. Apple Glass could have the same augmented reality functionality as the Vision Pro, but with its own set of innovations and possibly some feature reductions given its smaller size. However, exact details are not enough at this stage, as the device will hit the market later than expected.

Apple's smart glasses were previously rumored to hit the market no earlier than 2026-2027, but Mark Gurman claims that no one at the company believes that smart glasses will be ready in the coming years. Apple just released the Vision Pro, and it will take time to introduce a new version of the product that can supplant the old one.

Gurman believes the company will wait a few more years to determine the feasibility of Apple Glass. It's currently recruiting for its Vision Pro Group, signaling a focus on headsets.

Apple Glass is expected to look like a pair of regular glasses, but with an augmented reality focus

strong>. It may not be easy for the company to fit the Vision Pro technology into a much lighter and smaller eyeglass frame, but given that technology is advancing by leaps and bounds literally every day, the possibilities will be much greater after a while.

The exact time frame for there is no launch of Apple Glass. Moreover, there is no guarantee that the company will not cancel the product, as it did with the car.

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