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Apple is in talks with LG and Samsung to supply affordable displays for budget AR headsets

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jul1,2024

Apple discusses with LG and Samsung the supply of affordable displays for budget AR headsets

Apple has approached LG and Samsung with an official request to supply micro-OLED displays to develop a more affordable version of the Vision mixed reality headset. Presumably, the budget model of the device may go on sale by the end of next year.

According to the publication UploadVR with reference to the South Korean news agency Elec, Apple requested the technical specifications of displays from LG and Samsung for the development of a new product. According to the source, Apple has requested information on micro-OLED displays ranging in size from 2 to 2.1 inches with a pixel density of 1,700 PPI.

In comparison, the current Apple Vision Pro model is equipped with Sony's 1.42-inch displays with a pixel density of about 3386 PPI and a resolution of 3660 × 3200 pixels. The expected new displays will have a resolution of approximately 2600 × 2300 or 2500 × 2500 pixels if they are square. The use of lower resolution displays will help reduce the cost of the device and greatly expand the user audience.

Micro-OLED technology allows you to create headsets with high resolution, slim design and excellent contrast. The Sony displays used in the Vision Pro are one of the main factors behind the high cost of the device. According to The Elec, Sony can produce less than half a million of these displays a year and has no plans to expand production.

Apple was previously reported to be testing displays from Chinese manufacturers SeeYa and BOE, but the companies ran into difficulties due to not meeting the high Apple quality standards. Turning to South Korean companies LG and Samsung, known for their high-end displays, could help Apple achieve its goal of lowering the cost of Vision headsets without compromising quality, and strengthen its position in this still-evolving market.

Natasha Kumar

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