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Apple: iPhone update angers users

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May17,2024

If you've always owned an iPhone, or our 5 reasons to migrate to the iPhone in 2023 have convinced you to switch to Apple, be careful when doing this. upgrade updated to iOS 17.5. Indeed, users had the unpleasant surprise of seeing deleted photos reappear on their phones… Including nudes! p>

Apple: iPhone update angers users

this bug in the update iPhone update to iOS 17.5

After updating day of iOS 14 in 2020 which saw iPhone batteries drain over time. at great speed, it is now a rather annoying bug which awaits Apple users at the time of the update. updated to iOS 17.5.And for good reason: several users have reported the resurgence of deleted photos,including photos deleted for several years.On a Reddit discussion thread, Internet users affected by this problem explained: having found old photos in their “Recent” just after updating day. What could be just an amusing anecdote nevertheless turns out to be very problematic, since300 photos, including nudes, were taken. found on an iPad sold when they had been purchased. erased following the dedicated Apple protocol.

Apple: iPhone update angers users

Another person noticed; the return of photos dating from 2016, which appeared on his phone as if they were photos taken recently. This bug, already mentioned by iOS beta testers a few weeks ago, could be explained by the fact that computer data is not really deleted until it is deleted. ;overwritten by new data. According toThe Verge, Apple has not yet commented on this. this problem.After this woman who bought used his used Mac and discovered that the Internet history had not been updated. deleted (with, as you might expect, an unsavory surprise in store), it would be time for Apple to sort out its “little” problems!

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