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Apple implemented the exchange of messages via satellite communication without the usual Internet

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun14,2024

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The American Apple Corporation implemented in the iOS 18 operating system the exchange of SMS messages and text messages in iMessage via satellite communication, which works in conditions of lack of traditional Internet access.

The presentation took place within the annual presentation event of the company Worldwide Developers Conference. This was reported by The Verge.

Owners of the latest iPhone models will soon be able to schedule messages and replies that contain emoji. Along with this, users will get new effects for messages, as well as an extension of message text formatting: bold, underline, strikethrough and italics.

The feature will be available on iPhone 14 and later when owners will update the operating system to iOS 18, it was announced during the presentation.

Sending messages will support the Rich Communication Services (RCS) protocol, which ensures the forwarding of multimedia content.
According to the publication, in iOS 18, Apple has implemented a new and more customizable Control Center.

In particular, users will be able to freely place program icons on the main screen, as well as block updates of individual programs in case the smartphone is used by someone other than the owner.

Apple implemented the exchange of messages via satellite communication without the usual Internet

Exchange of messages via satellite/Apple

Also redesigned the Photos app and added a new game mode for iPhone that minimizes background activity to optimize gameplay.
The main innovation of the presentation was the deployment of a number of new functions based on artificial intelligence in applications in iOS 18. In particular, it is about the ability to create a resume from received e-mails and prepare responses to them. Users of iOS 18 devices will also be able to create their own emoji by giving Genmoji text prompts and generate images in the Image Playground.

Many new features have been added to Apple's new operating system:

System iOS 18 has new features that have been added based on user requests and preferences. What will be in the new system:

  • Hide an App: Any app can be password protected or FaceID protected. You will also be able to hide apps.
  • Change the color and location of buttons.
  • Text formatting and effects for text in iMessage.
  • Timer for messages that sent by the user, and reactions to other people's messages.
  • Game mode on the device and built-in minimization of background processes for greater game comfort.
  • Updating the interface and managing the photo gallery.
  • Built-in Siri can now answer a call by receiving a nod from AIrPods as permission.
  • Funny, but true: iPad is finally getting a calculator. For 14 years, there was no such function.

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