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Apple has suspended work on Vision Pro 2

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun19,2024

Apple has suspended work on Vision Pro 2

Apple has suspended the development of the second generation of the Vision Pro headset to focus on creating a more affordable model, reports the publication The Information.

Apple has apparently told at least one of its suppliers to stop working on the next-generation Vision Pro. However, work on a more affordable product with fewer features continues.

There is speculation that Apple plans to split the Vision line into two models: one Pro and one cheaper standard model.

One of suppliers that make key components for the Vision Pro cut production by 50% after receiving a forecast from Apple indicating lower-than-expected demand. According to this supplier, Apple has produced no more than 500,000 devices this year and does not plan to produce more until August.

Apple has allegedly begun work on a cheaper Vision 2022 device codenamed "N109". The goal – sell this model at about the same price as the top iPhone, the cost of which reaches $1,600. The company planned to release it in late 2024, but it still didn't have a prototype at the start of the year. Apple is rumored to be trying to find ways to reduce the cost of the model without sacrificing a lot of features, which means the device likely won't hit the market until late 2025.

Apparently, Apple wants to keep the premium displays, which are among the most expensive components of the device, in the inexpensive Vision Pro model.

It is possible that the company will resume work on the second generation of the device in the future, The Information claims.

Natasha Kumar

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