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Apple has resumed work on lightweight augmented reality glasses

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun30,2024

Company Apple resumed work on lightweight augmented reality glasses

Despite the failure of the first version of Vision Pro, Apple has no intention of stopping work on such gadgets. The company continues to work both on a lighter device that looks more like real glasses, and on Vision Pro 2, which the world will see in 2026. According to Bloomberg, Apple plans to release lightweight VR glasses no earlier than 2027. This device will differ from the current Vision Pro headset, which looks more like a helmet. The new glasses promise to be compact and convenient for everyday use.

The development of the second-generation Vision Pro continues, but the release of the device has been postponed to the end of 2026. According to sources, the company is also working on a cheaper version of the headset, known by the code name N107. It is planned that this model will cost $1.5-2 thousand and will appear on the market by the end of 2025.

To reduce the cost of the N107, Apple is considering removing the EyeSight function, which displays the user's eyes on an external screen, and use less powerful internal displays and cameras. The headset will depend on connecting to a Mac or iPhone to perform complex calculations, which will help reduce its cost and increase battery life.

A new version of the visionOS operating system for the Vision Pro will be released next year, and Apple is already working  over visionOS 3, which is expected in 2025. These updates will add new features and improve the user experience.

Despite the difficulties, Apple does not plan to curtail projects in the field of augmented reality. The company believes that it has taken into account all the mistakes and continues to recruit employees for this direction. Research and development is ongoing. Perhaps the next generation of virtual reality devices from Apple will really offer something new and appeal to users.

Natasha Kumar

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