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Apple has created a special device for updating packaged iPhones

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Mar31,2024

Company Apple has created a special device to update packaged iPhones

Apple retail stores in the United States have begun receiving a new system called Presto to wirelessly update the software of packaged iPhones before they are sold. It will begin to be used in April, and it is planned to be fully deployed by the beginning of summer. Also, the company's stores outside the US gradually began to receive information about Presto's work.

It is a device similar to a small locker that works on the basis of NFC. Boxes with iPhones are placed inside Presto, after which the system remotely turns on the smartphone, updates its software to the latest available version within half an hour and turns off.

The device can update up to six phones at once. Marking of the correct position of the boxes was even provided for workers.

For the first time, people talked about the new Apple system back in October 2023. However, real footage appeared only now, on the eve of its active introduction.

Presto was created by the Apple Backstage Operations team, which develops tools for technicians and retail store employees. The company developed Presto as a way to avoid selling iPhones in retail stores with outdated software. The update is required to resolve an issue that prevented data from being transferred directly from another ‌iPhone‌ during the initial setup process.

As a reminder, Apple has officially announced the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2024, which will be held online from June 10 to 14.

It is expected that this year's focus will be on iOS 18, which Apple considers the biggest iPhone update ever. The update will include new artificial intelligence features, as well as more home screen customization options.

In addition to iOS 18, Apple will announce the following updates at WWDC 2024:

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