Apple has created a special algorithm to identify signs of dementia

Apple has created a special algorithm that can identify the signs of senile dementia at an early stage. Diagnosis occurs through analysis of the applications used by smartphone owners.

Apple создала особый алгоритм по выявлению признаков старческого слабоумия

The program, developed by specialists of the American Corporation, with great precision defines persons with cognitive impairment, as they use a variety of products not as healthy. On the basis of these differences, scientists have created a special algorithm that can identify individuals with such disorders. The researchers tracked the frequency of use of applications 133 men and women who are in the age 60-75 years. The experiment concluded after 12 weeks. 31 patients who were using various software, diagnosed with a cognitive impairment, with 82 participants were absolutely healthy.

Create algorithm provided the experts from Apple the ability to distinguish people with dementia from healthy, with up to 80%. Special attention was paid to the analysis of the frequency and correctness of use of various applications, including programs for the dissemination of information.

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