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Apple called the non-obvious advantage of its smartphones over the Android operating system

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun27,2024

Apple called the non-obvious advantage of its smartphones over the Android operating system

Apple Corporation published a new document called “Longevity by Design”, in which it talked about the advantages of its products in the secondary market.

< h2>What makes Apple better than Android

As the manufacturer assures, it is much more profitable to sell used iPhones on the secondary market than similarly priced Android smartphones — The iPhone loses 40% less of its original value. What's more, the cost difference increases even for older iPhone models.

The document also says that Apple products last longer than competitors' devices, and right now there are “hundreds of millions of iPhones in the world that have been in use for more than five years.” However, total iPhone accidental damage repairs have dropped by 44% since Apple started using reinforced cases in the iPhone 7.

What makes Apple more profitable

This confirms and a report by analyst firm SellCell. Apple smartphones are the most profitable at the time of resale, while Android devices depreciate much faster on the secondary market: some of them are significantly cheaper already two months after release.

In the last few years, the global smartphone market has shown an expansion of the segment b /y — very often, instead of buying a new mid-budget device, users prefer a used flagship.

The perfect iPhone in terms of specifications, price and guarantees of support with updates in 2024 — iPhone 13. Although the iPhone 13 was released in 2021, it is practically not outdated and in many ways similar to the iPhone 15, according to the Business Insider article.

For its part, the AnTuTu benchmark updated its traditional rating of the coolest for the price/by the power of Android smartphones in 2024. Redmi K70E took first place in the cheapest category, and in the most expensive — Nubia Z60 Ultra.

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