Appeared promo video Director’s version of the justice League

Появился промо-ролик режиссерской версии Лиги справедливости

HBO has released the first promotional video for the upcoming uncut version of the film “justice League” with Zack Snyder, the release of which was known.

In particular, in the video the actor Henry Cavill, who played Superman, he and Zack Snyder will share with fans the news that they are working on the project.

The movie will be released on the new streaming platform HBO Max in 2021.

Recall that Zack Snyder was forced to leave the project during its development due to family circumstances (his daughter committed suicide), and in the end montage were handled by Joss Whedon. “Justice League” was released in 2017 and was poorly received by critics and audiences. Frustrated fans have demanded to release a version of Snyder, and the Director himself has piqued their interest a variety of shots from the shoot. Long time Studio Warner Bros. was against the release of Snyder.

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