APP stranded and Avanza Country surfing. A chronicle of Fernando Vivas

APP stranded and Avanza Country surfing. A chronicle of Fernando Vivas

The victory of José Williams was a conspiracy of circumstances that proved that Avanza País, the group of right-wing novices, was right.

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  • The Prosecutor's Office again raided the Government Palace to seize camera recordings

APP stranded and the Country Advances surfing. A chronicle of Fernando Vivas

José Williams triumphed thanks to the recomposition of the opposition bloc after the censorship of Lady Camones and thanks to the fact that Peru Libre opted for abstention. (Photo: Jorge Cerdán).

“Okay, let's go with Williams, but shut up, don't say 'I warned you' ”, a Fujimori supporter told a source from Avanza País, as he tells me with a smile. A Fujimorista told me something similar: “Now they are going to believe they were clever, but they owe it to luck and to Vladimir Cerrón, who abstained.”Why this difficulty in recognizing what has been advanced by Avanza? I'll tell you why.

Within the opposition, there is also polarization. Fujimoristas of Popular Force (FP) versus the rest of the right; APP against everyone and against the fujis despite a pact between them; parties versus independents (FP, APP, Somos Perú and Podemos versus Avanza and Popular Renovationthat they are not accountable to party leaders); liberals versus conservatives; experienced versus novice. The landscape on the right is so uneven that I am going to tell you this rainbow scene: Alejandro Cavero, from Avanza and a right-wing liberal, presented his civil union project for same-sex couples. His coreligionists, including Williams , support it; but the most homophobic evangelicals of Renovación shouted to the heavens. They even argued with Rafael López Aliaga, the leader of the party that supports Cavero's project, deepening his rupture with the caucus led by Admiral Jorge Montoya. In reality, the congresswoman who has the best relationship with López Aliaga is Norma Yarrow, who is not in Renovación, but in Avanza, since she collided with Montoya's authoritarianism and fled to the neighbor.

This digression is worth it, to confirm that the right is as diverse and disjointed as the left and there is always one more conservative than the other. This was demonstrated precisely when APP began his campaign to take over the presidency of Congress, asserting the unwritten pact of 2021, which gave Popular Action the table with María del Carmen Alva, on the condition that that this year it will be the turn of APP. The Fujimoristas have the largest bench (24), but their strategic decision is not to fight for the presidency of Congress so as not to polarize with their historical anti-vote and, instead, to secure the best commissions, such as the Constitution. Therefore, they became guarantors and engine of the pact. Avanza and Renovación decided to respect the pact but, yes, on the condition that APP does not put any candidate but the one they wanted, Gladys Echaíz. Wow respect. FP also loved Echaíz, although he respected the coiner's free will.

This is not how Lady is treated

In previous chronicles I have told you that APP and its leader César Acuña had a run-in with Echaíz and they didn't want her at all, so they nominated Lady Camones. The leading parties of the pact, FP and APP, looked with certain indifference at the rebel caucuses, without leaders inside and outside parliament, and dedicated more time to reinforcing the pact with others two parties, Somos Perú and Podemos, with the argument of adding to that pair of retrecheras benches that have a double game with the government, to the vacant coalition or, as they prefer to call themselves, to the 'democratic bloc'.

Patricia Li, president of Somos and José Luna Gálvez, leader of Podemosand also congressman; They negotiated with APEP leaders César and Richard Acuña, as well as Luis Valdez, and with Fujimori supporters Keiko Fujimori, Luis Galarreta and Hernando Guerra García. In the parliamentary crisis of the rise and fall of Camones, there has been a conflict between these parties and the independent congressmen. One of those who applied and voted for Echaíz, when she resigned from APP and went to Renewal, told me: “If the Fujis and APP who had made their blood pact, they would have summoned us from the beginning to make decisions , suddenly we would have agreed with Lady. But they treated us like we were their caboose.” Before the breakup of the bloc, among the supporters of Echaíz and Camones, Avanza proposed Cavero as its representative at the table. However, FP and APP preferred another. The fact that they didn't even respect their candidate further pissed off those from Avanza with FP and APP.

The indifference wreaked havoc. Renovación nominated Echaíz and Avanza it split, because Williams, who had already given his word to the 'block' in favor of Camones, stuck to it. He was accompanied by Diana González and Roseli Amuruz, daughter of Roger Amuruz, former Fujimori congressman, solvent businessman and key man in politics, since he has woven his own network of influences with other parties and factions. Avanza reconciled in the second round of voting, supporting Camones and that same day they took a photo of the reconciliation.

The block began to lick his wounds until, wham!, the alleged apepist rapist Freddy Díaz was denounced by his victim, raped after the Lady triumph celebration.. A few days later another scandal broke out, that of the Somista William Elera, out of control to serve a prison sentence. He forced a new vote to fill his place in the third vice presidency. Thus, a space was opened to heal the bloc's wounds, incorporating one of the rebel groups. The candidates were Diego Bazán for Avanza and Alejandro Muñante for Renovación. The allies asked the pair to come to an agreement, but they preferred that the rest decide. They decided on Muñante, in part because, according to my sources, two members of Avanza surreptitiously said they didn't want Bazán. Avanza's frustration deepened their resentment with the bloc but they had one big advantage: Lacking a seat at the table, they had an additional reason to run Williams.

But why censor Lady giving the government the yolk of taste? The audio filtered by Epicentro showed her timid before the imperative request of César Acuñato schedule the project to create the district of Alto Trujillo; but, come on, there is no evidence that he has paid attention to him and, in another passage of the recording, he subtly criticizes his leader's request. However, his allies did not forgive Acuña's display of power at the bloc's expense and attacked Camones. Sources have told me that the motion of censure caught her by surprise, and that both the senior official, José Cevasco, and Vice President Martha Moyano, who was leading the debate, betrayed her by quickly admitting her debate. I have inquired with parliamentary sources who tell me that this is inaccurate.

APP stranded and advance country surfing. A chronicle of Fernando Vivas

Lady Camones was censored without her doing much to repel the attack. She will chair the Subcommittee on Constitutional Accusations. (Photo: Congress file)

In reality, Camones and her party lowered their guard. Guillermo Bermejo had already announced that he would present the motion and Lady did not put her batteries to repel it; and, once the debate was admitted, she did not defend herself by arguing. If a motion of censure is presented to the president of Congressduring a plenary session, it has to be reported in the same session, and that is what happened. Moyano could not postpone the debate on his admission, although he could deploy a defense so that this, if admitted, would be voted on in a future session. But APPshe was beaten and Camones was left dejected. She had against votes of the allies of Renovation. The Avanza bloc, which had decided to support censorship, had some changes of opinion when they saw the ex-president's dejection. There were those who suggested that she resign from APP – she had only requested a license – as a gesture to ensure her permanence. To some extent, he censored himself.

Williams on stage

The name that emerged most quickly and insistently in the corridors was Williams. But it took days for this to be the bloc's candidate. Camones was victimized, the JNE declared that she had not violated electoral neutrality according to what was heard in the audio, and APP I wanted a redress. The Fujimoristas negotiated for them. First, they offered the candidacy of Roberto Chiabra, assuming that he agreed to withdraw his resignation from the APP bench; but this one neither this one showed much enthusiasm nor aroused enthusiasm in Renovation. Once Chiabra was ruled out, APP came to suggest Camones herself, but her Fujimori allies did not see that proposal as very viable. Lady had already shown many signs of wear and tear and could expose her to double failure.

It was then that, very early on Sunday, a Fujimorista told Adriana Tudela, the spokeswoman for Avanza, that the candidate of the block would be Williams, as they had proposed. They had to run to Congressto register your candidacy minutes before the deadline. Launched and anointed president on Monday the 12th, the exchanges with which I began this chronicle took place. Indeed, Avanza had not trusted a table that could be manipulated by César Acuña and in which Somos or Podemos would turn around. They weren't wrong, because Somos brought the problem of Elera and Podemos has Digna Calle fighting with the block to promote their early elections project, turning the tide on the vacant conviction.

But Avanza hadn't fought for Camones to drop and place Williamsin an opportune moment. Such a calculation does not exist in an unpredictable and impulsive congress. It was a conspiracy of circumstances, audios and divided votes that contributed to the result. By the way, José Luna Gálvez, the leader of Podemos, approached for Williams to sign -as a condition to vote for him- a commitment to resign in the event of a succession moment, such as the one signed and exhibited by Camones at the time. Williams did not want to do it. As he has explained, he sticks to what the circumstances and the dialogue dictate.

As for the audios, I asked a leader of APP, if they were really sure that Heidy Juárez, who has already been expelled, was the one who recorded them. She, very sure of herself, has denied everything and has said that “the mole has still stayed in APP”. I was able to talk to the person who had the expert opinion done and he told me: “It was simple, we hired an expert and we gave him the audio that is in the public domain and we made a diagram of where everyone was at the meeting. She did an analysis of the reverberation, and told us 'it is such'. The rest of us had already discarded it and it coincided with what the expert said”. The block is resentful but standing. The table -according to a source outside of them- had a restrained performance in the appointment with Castillo and his ministers. The rookies have learned a lot in these weeks, the games are used to blows. There is good reverb.