“Apocalypse” in Moscow: Heavy rain fell on the capital

“Apocalypse” in Moscow: Heavy rain fell on the capital

On September 17, a heavy downpour and a squally wind hit Moscow. Gusts reach 20-25 m per second. Netizens report a “real apocalypse” – floods on the roads and fallen trees.

Image via: pixabay.com
Rainstorms throughout the city are not able to cope with water flows. The newspaper lane was flooded so much that water crept up to the office buildings. Employees scoop it out of the door. There are also floods on the roads in the Southern Administrative District. Heavy rainfall triggered a leak in the pedestrian underpass at the Belorussky railway station. Due to strong winds, about 19 trees fell in Solnechnogorsk. A heavy rain and wind in the village of Dubrovki knocked down a tree, which turned out to be at a bus stop. Two people were injured, seven cars were damaged.

According to information from the headquarters of the Ministry of Emergency Situations near Moscow, at the moment in the territory of the Moscow region, three people were injured due to unfavorable weather. They were admitted to the hospital. A squally wind in Biryulyovo lifted a metal structure into the air, which fell on the cars nearby. In the residential complex “Prigorod Lesnoye” on the Kashirskoye highway, a gazebo in a kindergarten has turned over.

According to forecasters, up to 20 mm of precipitation can fall in Moscow – about a third of the monthly norm. Experts note that heavy rains should end after 19.00, and short-term rains will linger in the capital for a day. Tomorrow in Moscow there will be a cold snap – in the afternoon the temperature will warm up to 12 degrees.

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