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Anti-terrorist dragnets in Germany, Denmark and in the Netherlands: 8 arrests

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For Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen, this dragnet “ shows the situation we find ourselves in in Denmark.

Agence France-Presse

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Eight people, suspected of being linked to Hamas, were arrested in Europe on suspicion of preparing terrorist attacks , in two separate nets carried out in Germany, Denmark and the Netherlands.

Three people were arrested Thursday in Denmark and another in the Netherlands to counter a planned terrorist attack, police and intelligence services announced Danish (PET), with Israel saying suspects arrested in Denmark were linked to Hamas.

The German federal prosecutor's office, responsible for terrorism cases, announced the arrest of four alleged members of Hamas, including one in the Netherlands, suspected of having planned possible attacks against Jewish institutions in Europe.

The four men, suspected of being long-time members of the Islamist movement, were notably responsible for gathering weapons in Berlin in view of possible attacks.

Danish intelligence services stressed that there was no direct link between the arrests announced by Germany and those made in Denmark.

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There is no direct link between the terrorist arrests made in Denmark and the case involving people affiliated with Hamas arrested in Germany. The person mentioned in the press as a 57-year-old man arrested in the Netherlands has no connection with the Danish case and is not identical to the person mentioned [by Danish authorities] as arrested in the Netherlands in the Danish case, the PET wrote in a press release.

There are foreign links in this case, but we are only at the beginning of the investigation and we have not yet determined what the links are. #x27;Danish affair and abroad.

A quote from Danish Intelligence Services (PET)

During a midday press conference, the authorities of the Scandinavian country indicated that the arrests concerned a group which was preparing an act of terrorism.

There are links with foreign countries and organized crime, explained the director of operations of the intelligence services, Flemming Drejer.

No information has been communicated on a possible target of a terrorist attack.

Police said they would increase their presence in Copenhagen, but that the Danish capital remained safe. The Jewish community, however, canceled a public celebration of Hanukkah, the Danish press reported.

For the Prime Minister, this raid shows the situation in which we are in Denmark.

For several years we have been able to see that there are people living in Denmark who do not wish us well, who are against our democracy, our freedom and who are against Danish society, said Mette Frederiksen to the press.

Intelligence services consider the terrorist threat critical, placing it at level four out of five.

Denmark and neighboring Sweden have recently crystallized anger within Muslim countries after desecration of the Koran on their soil.

In Iraq, for example, Hundreds of supporters of the influential religious leader Moqtada Sadr attempted to march towards the Danish embassy in Baghdad at the end of July.

Denmark has since legislated to ban the burning of Islam's holy book, arguing it was to protect national security.

Already in 2006, a wave of anti-Danish violence had engulfed the Muslim world after the publication of caricatures of Mohammed, leading to increased vigilance by the intelligence services and the police who have since foiled several d&#x27 plans. ;attack.

However, Copenhagen was devastated in February 2015 by a jihadist attack, which seemed to be inspired by the attacks committed in Paris a month earlier against the weekly Charlie Hebdo and the Hyper Cacher store.

The perpetrator of this attack targeted a cultural center where a debate on freedom of expression was taking place and the main synagogue in the capital of this Scandinavian country before being shot dead by the police.

A year ago, Danish justice convicted a supporter of the Islamic State organization to 16 years in prison for planning a bomb attack, the heaviest sentence handed down in Denmark in a case falling under anti-terrorism legislation.

The accused pleaded not guilty, claiming that the 12 kilos of powder and chemicals found hidden in his home must have been used to make fireworks.

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