Anthony Rodríguez triumphs in the Master A in the second stage of the Triple 100 Classic

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  • Anthony Rodríguez triumphs in the Master A in the second stage of the Classic Triple 100

    Mildred Rosario and Miguel Angel González, both members of the committee. The organizer rewarded Anthony Rodríguez, from Pegacol V2C,  Wilmer Bravo, from Hamakan Sports Team and Kevin Suriel, from AC Training, winners in Master A of the second stage of the Triple A Cycling Classic.

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Anthony Rodríguez on this occasion was able to win the first position in the Master A category during the celebration of the second stage of version 22 of the Master Triple 100 Cycling Classic, an event that This Saturday at Higuero.

Rodríguez, representative of Pegacol V2C, had achieved second place in the first stage held on Friday by arriving right next to Jacinto Mejía, but this time he was able to raise his arm in a sign of success .

Furthermore, Leonardo Márquez, Enmanuel Fernández, Len Faña and José; Miguel Cruz prevailed in the celebration of the second competition of the Classic, in the event in which 350 riders compete, representing 17 nations.

Anthony, a native of Moca, was able to withstand the attacks to which he was subjected to finally succeed in the test by registering a time of 2 hours: 13 minutes and 37 seconds; Second place went to Wilmer Bravo, from Hamakan Sports Team, from Venezuela, Kevin Suriel, from AC Training was third, both did the same time as the winner and Ramón Adamés from Drink Team finished second. fourth with 2:13;39.

For his part, Marquez, a native of Uruguay who competes for AC Training, took home the victory in category B by clocking a time of 2:19; 26, the second place went to Euclides Peralta, from Pegacol V2C and the third to José; Ramón Reyes, from Cocuyos Cycling Team, both arrived one second after the winner. Elías Castillo, from BMC Racing Team closed the in fourth.

While in category C, the winner was Fernández, from Inteja Imca and who is a native of Colombia. time of 2:24:22, being the second place for Ramón Fernández, from Action Bike, Silverio Mejía, from Master Bike, finished second. in third.

While Faña, from AC Training, repeated as the winner in category D and is also emerging as a great winner of the same, he made time of 2:48;15. Second place went to José; Manuel Tejera, from Drinks Team and Franklin Peña, from JS Cycle, achieved the victory. third place.

In the Recreativa, the big winner was Saint Hilaire, from Ruteros de la Real, José; Miguel Cruz, from Poco Force, occupied the the second place and Carlos Javier, from RD Cycling Team reached the second place. the third.

General classifications

After the celebration of the second day, the general classification in the different categories is the Next. In Master A, Rodríguez leads with 38 points and the second rung belongs to Wilmer Bravo with 34. In B, Tur dominates with 24 points and Morel adds 22.

In category C, Diesel and Wilfredo Centeno are in the lead with 22 points each; In D, Faña dominates with 40 points, seconded by Tejera, who has 36, Peña with 32: In Recreativa, first place goes to Cruz with 38 points, Saint Hilaire with 34 and Javier with 32.

Third stage

This Sunday is The celebration of the third stage of the Triple 100 has been scheduled and will include: the stage in Higuero Corto, a stage that has several elevations.   

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