Anthony Rodríguez triumphs in Master A in the Triple 100 for the second day in a row

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  • Anthony Rodríguez triumphs in Master A in the Triple 100 for the second day in a row

    Anthony Rodrí ;guez uncorks a champagne after winning the third stage of the Triple 100 Cycling Classic

For the second stage in a row, Anthony Rodríguez returned He went on to hang the great medal of first place in the Master A category in the celebration of the third stage of the 22nd version of the Master Triple 100 Cycling Classic, a contest held this Sunday in the vicinity of the &nbsp ;Higuero.  

Rodríguez, who competes for the first time in the Master A category and who wears the colors of the Pegacol V2C team, showed his talent. His great skills as a competitor to be located for the second date in the highest place on the podium. 

The native of Moca toured the distance of 100 kilometers in a time of 2 hours  11 minutes and 36 seconds, with which he exceeded to Ramón Adames, from Drinks Team, who At the same time, Marcos Capellán, from Pegacol V2C was third and Carlos Ostos, from Inteja finished third. in fourth. 

On his side, in master B, the big winner in the stage was Javier González, from Inteja Imca, who the distance in time of 2:18; 42, with Juan Tur, from AC Training, taking second place one second later, and Wendy Cruz, from the same team, finished second. in third. 

Horace Burrowes became in the winner in the Master C and who representing Team United toured The distance in time was 2:22.57, being the second rung for Edgar Pimentel, from Pegacol V2C, while Roberto Rosario, from Poco Force was third and Wilfredo Centeno, from Puerto Rico, finished second. in fourth. 

In Master D, Andrés Pérez, from the Drinks Team, lifted a 100-foot winner. The main honors, when timing 2:49;20, Len Faña occupying the second step and who wears the colors of AC Training, the third went to José; Manuel Tejera, from Drinks Team. 

In the Recreativa, the main awards went to Antonio Giraldez, from Pegacol V2C, with the second being for José; Miguel Cruz, from Poco Force and the third corresponded to to Jonathan García, from Pegacol V2C. 


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