Another senile ideas were expressed today by Putin

Another senile ideas were expressed today by Putin

Putin expressed another senile idea today

Terrorist leader Putin spoke at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, where he talked a lot about the situation in the world, criticized the behavior of Western countries and justified the “special operation”; in Ukraine.

A Kremlin dweller accused Western countries of pumping weapons and military advisers into Ukraine, which continues to this day.

He stated that Western partners deliberately undermined international foundations for the sake of embodying their geopolitical illusions. He also criticized the United States, saying that, having declared victory in the Cold War, they called themselves “messengers of the Lord on Earth.” notice changes.

Putin said that Russia will never follow the path of autarky (ed. – the policy of self-isolation of a state or group of states from the outside world).

He also touched upon the issue of the export of Ukrainian grain blocked in the ports. According to him, there are about six export options.

“…let the Kyiv authorities decide how to do it themselves, without focusing on their masters across the ocean. The saddest option is if Ukraine supplies grain in exchange for weapons”, – he said.

Regarding the war in Ukraine, which Putin calls a special operation, he said that all tasks would be solved. He tried to justify the military actions by the “irresponsible policy of the G7”.

“… what is happening in the world is not the result of the events of recent months, including a special military operation, it all started long ago because of the irresponsible G7 policies. According to him, the Russian special operation has become a “lifeline” for the West in order to blame problems on Russia,”, he said.

Putin also believes that the European Union has finally lost political sovereignty, and its elites allegedly dance to someone else's tune, harming their own population, while the real interests of Europeans and national businesses are leveled and pushed aside.

He also announced an alleged undermining of confidence in world currencies.

At the same time, Putin does not link Western sanctions against his country with aggression against Ukraine, but is sure that they are simply designed to destroy the Russian economy.

"Sanctions against the Russian Federation are insane and thoughtless. Their goal – crush the Russian economy", he added.

Prepared by: Nina Petrovich