Another country has declared that it will not deport Ukrainians of draft age

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Another country announced that it will not deport Ukrainians of draft age

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Hungary, following Austria, said that it is also not going to hand over conscripted Ukrainians to Kyiv. This is reported by the Hungarytoday publication.

According to Hungarian Deputy Prime Minister Zholt Semien, Budapest will not issue Ukrainian conscripts, as they do not investigate any Ukrainian refugee to see if he is a conscript or not.< /p>

“Hungary will not extradite them to Ukraine.” Every refugee from Ukraine is a free person in Hungary, who is free to decide whether to stay here, go to the West or, if she wishes, return. All refugees from Ukraine are safe in Hungary. “Neither they nor their data will be released,” the official emphasized. It is known that there are about 14,000 people in this country now. men aged 18-54 who left Ukraine because of the war.

"We will never do this. This would be a gross encroachment on our sovereignty”, –  the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Austria explained.

As noted by the Polish mass media, Austria became the first country in the European Union to refuse Ukraine the extradition of conscripts.

At the same time, Poland began to extradite conscript men to the Ukrainian authorities. who illegally left Ukraine since February 24 last year.

In Ukraine, a fierce war with Russia, which attacked us, has been going on for the ninth year. From February 2022, there is a full-scale war. The process of serving summons – This is not an automatic ticket to war, but primarily an update of the data of Ukrainian citizens. Yes, following the summons, it is possible to call up a conscript for military service. This is a normal process in a warring country. It should not be forgotten that it is the duty of every Ukrainian to protect his country. For if today you run away from war – tomorrow she can come to you.

Earlier, BAGNET reported that there would be three stages to the return of defectors who fled abroad.

Prepared by: Sergey Daga