Annual net profit of “Goznak” grew by almost 8%

Годовая чистая прибыль "Гознака" по РСБУ снизилась почти на 8%

By the end of 2019, the net profit of JSC “Goznak” grew by 7.6% to 9.7 billion rubles from 10.5 billion profit a year earlier, it follows from the information posted on the website of the company.

Revenue from product sales in 2019 is almost unchanged and amounted to 50.4 billion rubles, compared with 50.2 billion rubles a year earlier. The bulk of this revenue is income from sales of printing production (39.1 billion roubles), on income from sales of products coin and order production will be 4.7 billion, from sales of papermaking is also 4.7 billion rubles.

Profit from sales in 2019 decreased by 6.7% to 11.3 billion rubles.

Gross profit for the reporting period decreased by 3.2% to 18.4 billion rubles.

Goznak is wholly owned by the state. The company is engaged in the production of banknotes, change and memorable coins, security documents, payment cards, ID documents and driver’s licenses, special and excise stamps, secure and General paper grades, working on protective technologies and equipment for processing, control and accounting of security products provides services for processing and storage of personal electronic data.

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