Announced the release of the long-awaited Ukrainian cartoon (video)

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The release of the long-awaited Ukrainian cartoon (video) has been announced

The creators of the Ukrainian cartoon Mavka. Forest Song» announced on the project's page on Instagram that the tape will appear in domestic cinemas on March 2.

«To be released now, when only half of Ukrainian cinemas are open, was not an easy decision for us. The most annoying factor is that not everyone will see the tape we worked so hard on.⠀

We are sure that the release of “Mavka” will become a landmark event, because it will bring with it an emotional message about the victory of light over darkness and love over hatred. These meanings were embedded in the cartoon all the time, but now, unfortunately, they have become even more relevant,” the message says.

Immediately after the release of the cartoon in Ukraine, it will be released in wide release abroad.

We have announced the release of the long-awaited Ukrainian cartoon (video)

Cartoon «Mavka. Forest Song» created based on the “Forest Song” Lesya Ukrainka, and is also based on images from Slavic myths and legends.

Prepared by: Nina Petrovich

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