Anne Frank, a cat saved between the walls

Anne Frank, a cat saved between the walls

With the return to confinement, actor Alexandre L’Heureux, who caused so much laughter with his web capsules in 2020, will find himself with his 9-year-old cat, named Anne Frank, whom he had survived between two walls …

1. What is the reason that prompted you to have this cat in your home?

This is my “savior syndrome” … I already had a dog and another cat at the time, but she is a survivor and her story took to my heart.

2. Why did you choose this name?

A friend found her in the party wall of her semi-detached when she was just a kitten. The neighbor, who had a whole menagerie, went and left her there … My friend could hear her meow in the wall and she seemed to follow him … He made a hole to get her out of there. As he was very allergic, he offered it to me.

3. Are you more of a “cat” or “dog”?

More cat. It’s easier to have a cat with my lifestyle. It’s less restrictive than a dog. I also think I have the temper of a cat. I would get petted all the time! (Laughs)

Anne Frank, a cat saved between the walls

4. How to describe his personality?

It is a little cat, very soft and very sticky. She’s on my knees all the time. She “talks” a lot. She often makes small sounds. She is very docile. There was a time when I disguised her and she let it go without fussing.

5. Tell us a funny or unusual fact about your animal.

She loves BBQ chips. In fact, she only licks them, but very greedily and greedily. The Doritos, a must !

6. What is her favorite place?

She often sits at the window to watch the 3-4 birds that can pass during the day (if not 2 ?!) on René-Lévesque. She also often sits on the piano below the lamp and does light therapy.

7. What would you have liked to know before getting this animal?

I’m curious and I would have liked to know the bottom of the story … What was she doing in the wall? Did she want to run away? Have we forgotten her there?

8. How can your animal be a source of inspiration for you?

In the business, we often have to ignore negative comments, judgments about how we play and do things with complete surrender. Cats are independent, sway from others and go about their lives as they see fit. My Ti-chat is a total example of relaxation, I-don’t care and casually.

9. During the first confinement, what did your animal bring you in particular?

She was a bit like my best friend … An animal presence, on a daily basis, it’s great, especially during confinement.

About Alexandre L’Heureux:

  • Comedian, he entertained us with his humorous viral capsules on the web during confinement.
  • He notably played in District 31, Breaks and in the play The three little old people who didn’t want to die.
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