Anna-Maja Henriksson in the IL exam – Why does RKP want more benefits for those who are in the country illegally?

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RKP chairperson Anna-Maja Henriksson participated in Iltalehti's Straight Speech election exam on Wednesday.RKP chairperson Anna-Maja Henriksson in Iltalehti exam 22 March 2023 Pete Anikarimika.koskinen@iltalehti.fiToday at 19:47

Irvileuat they say that parliamentary elections are held in Finland every four years because it is known with whom the RKP will enter the next government.

RKP chairman, Minister of Justice Anna-Maja Henriksson says in Iltalehti's Straight Talk election exam that no party in itself, not even the basic Finns, is a threshold issue for the RKP.

– I have said that the RKP will not enter a government that does basic Finnish politics, Henriksson clarifies.

In its election program, the RKP does not say exactly where it would cut, but in Iltalehti's exam, four areas for cuts or savings were found paragraph.

RKP defines itself as a liberal bourgeois party in its election program. This can be seen, for example, in the fact that the party wants to secure the right of the undocumented to health care, social care, early childhood education and education.

Iltalehti asked Henriksson why RKP wants tax-financed benefits for those illegally in Finland at the same time when, for example, Finns' social security services are messed up and people can't get treatment.

– We see that a child is always a child regardless of his background, and the child must have the right to early childhood education and school.

– Many of these people are those who cannot move back to their home countries, Henriksson answered.

Attached is an 11-minute exam excerpt. A longer text about Anna-Maja Henriksson's exam can be read on Tuesday morning on Iltalehti's website and in the paper version.

Anna-Maja Henriksson IL's tentissä – Why does the RKP want additionalää benefits for those in the country illegally?