animal carcasses are displayed in the window, “it feels like a slaughterhouse”

September 13, 2021 by archyde

Posted on Monday, September 13, 2021 at 05h55

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The Roland butcher’s window leaves no room for doubt as to the nature of the business. Carcasses hung from hooks are displayed in the front of the butcher’s shop. A choice that shocks some residents.

The Roland butcher has been under fire from critics in recent days. Located on avenue des Saisons, near the Ixelles cemetery, this establishment, well known to meat lovers, is singled out by some residents. In question, its window. Hanging from hooks, animal carcasses are visible from the street.

A spectacle that the Ixellois Stefano considers revolting. “It should be forbidden to do such things because you can see almost the entire animal! », Exclaims the local resident who has passed this butcher’s shop for 20 years.

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: “It’s as if we were in a slaughterhouse. “

>> Stefano has nothing against the butcher’s shop and has never contacted the boss: “But it revolts me, it’s time to stop accepting certain things. »

>> Yves Rouyet, alderman of Urbanism, explains that there is nothing illegal: also Alderman for Animal Welfare, he adds that ethically, this raises questions.

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