Anil Murthy: “We couldn't add more cost to the squad. I understand that the manager is frustrated”

Anil Murthy: “We couldn't add more cost to the squad. I understand that the manager is frustrated”

The president of Valencia justifies the absence of signings in reducing income and expresses confidence in Javi Gracia. He insists that the “crisis” reinforces the role of the quarry

Anil Murthy:

“We all wanted to strengthen the level of this team, but I have a lot of confidence in the coach and the squad.” That is the message that the president of Valencia, Anil Murthy , has wanted to convey through the club's media after the club has not incorporated any player this season and that Javi Gracia is considering his continuity on the Mestalla bench. “I understand the frustration of the fans, I understand the frustration of the coach, we all wanted the same thing, to strengthen this team to improve its level, but it was not possible.”

The reasons behind Murthy are economic and the result of the economic crisis derived from Covid. “We started this season with a very difficult challenge, almost impossible. Revenues have dropped from 200 million to 100 million. A difference of 100 million is a lot of money,” emphasizes the president.

“We had two very clear objectives: lower the cost of the staff to solve this difference of 100 million and, at the same time, strengthen the team. In the end we could not achieve the first objective of lowering the cost of the staff enough and today we are still well above the fair play we have. And, without being able to achieve the first objective, it was impossible to add more cost to the squad “, he justified himself.

The top leader insisted that without lowering the cost of the staff it was impossible to “bring reinforcements” and wanted to defend the council José Luis Zaragozí , who a few weeks ago assured that the signings would arrive. “I also told my partner José Luis Zaragosí that we had the objective of signing, we were going with that objective, is what he publicly transmitted, that the objective was to reinforce. The truth is that we are not satisfied with the situation, we are not satisfied with the end result of this market, we all wanted to strengthen this team, but instead of making popular decisions we decided to be responsible, since we are far above fairplay . We could not add more cost to the squad, “he repeated.

According to the president of Valencia, the crisis will last three seasons. “We have to be responsible in this situation because this club deserves it,” he added.

Trust in the team with Gracia and homegrown players

Murthy said that the team they have formed “has shown that it can compete, we beat Real Sociedad at home, we are at the beginning of the season, we have played five games, there is still a long way to go, now is the time to work harder and improve performance. of the team “, although he did not deny that” some important players “had come out and the team has” theoretically weakened. ” Of course, he claimed “a positive mentality to face a long season with a main competition”.

“I believe in this team, they are working very well with the coach, Javi Gracia, who is also working with young people who want to fight for the team. I think that on this path together we are going to see many positive things, I have a lot of confidence in the coach, that he is working with players who want to fight and fight for the shield, it is something positive that he is coming out of this whole situation, “he said.

In fact, the president took advantage of the presence of homegrown players in the first team to reinforce the idea that Meriton has as a strategic line the commitment to the quarry. “Historically, in these difficult situations, the club always helped by looking for young people in its quarry to strengthen the team. Today we have to see something positive in this, because we have many young people who are training with the first team and some are playing. When we beat Real Sociedad we had a starting team with an average age of 23 years, historically the oldest. young man from Valencia CF. In the quarry, today the children who are looking up saying: I have a chance now, a real chance, “he settled.

Half truths

Meriton now hides behind the LaLiga fairplay that Valencia has overcome, but does not explain that the club's decision is not to take advantage of the two grace measures that have been granted to the clubs this season and that allowed players to sign for a value between cost, amortization and salary for about 19 million euros.

The club's strategy has been not to use this possibility, not even to sign players who could have been assigned only until June 2021 without a purchase option, in exchange for the token or a transfer cost that did not exceed two million euros. . In no case did Peter Lim give the go-ahead to the operations.

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