Angry Prince William: How Kate Middleton Handles HE “RELEASES HIS FURY”

Angry Prince William: How Kate Middleton Handles HE “RELEASES HIS FURY”

In the Battle of Brothers book, royal expert Robert Lacey claims Prince William has an angry temper. Broken in, Kate Middleton would manage to manage it perfectly.
Prince William, a future monarch with a fiery temperament? To believe the experience of Robert Lacey, the author of Battle of Brothers , the Duke of Cambridge can be very angry. Behind the scenes, the husband of Kate Middleton would not hesitate to give voice when things do not suit him. Aware that this character trait could play tricks on him, especially when he will have to succeed his father, Kate Middleton has learned to calm him down . “When William gets into a rage, it’s often Kate who calms him down , a source assured the Daily Telegraph. She’s more of the type to ask him to let it go.”The Duchess of Cambridge, of an Olympian calm, would therefore manage to calm the ardor of her husband, less known for his excess of anger than his brother Harry . And yet in the privacy of the British royal family, the tone would often rise …

In his book, he went behind the scenes of Camilla Parker Bowles’ wedding and the future monarch . According to him, the Duchess of Cornwall was particularly surprised by the behavior of Prince William, whom she has known since her teenage years. “Camilla had been horrified by the declamations and delusions that William could trigger on certain occasions against Prince Charles,” writes the author, who claims that Kate Middleton’s husband often “shouts” at his father while the Prince of Wales “obediently submits” . And if George, Charlotte and Louis’ dad is having trouble controlling his nerves, it’s because he’s posing as the Guardian of the Crown.

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Kate Middleton taught him calm
“The prince can let speak an anger at the height of the importance he attaches to his role as future king , writes Robert Lacey, and if his father does not manage to live up to William’s vision of work , the young man unleashes his fury. ” And while the majority of The Firm is aware and comfortable with Prince William’s anger, his stepmother is not. “Camilla has told her own family and close friends about her surprise to discover this unexpected side of Prince Charming,” author Robert Lacey said. In recent months, rich in anger – because of the Megxit and then the scandal in which Prince Andrew is quoted – Prince William has trusted his wife to handle it. And he did well. In love with her husband’s excesses, the Duchess of Cambridge taught her to contain her rage and contain her emotions.

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