Angers – Lens: a game to forget for Angers SCO, what to remember

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“Angers – Lens: a match to forget for Angers SCO, what to remember”

Angers - Lens&nbsp ;: a match to forget for Angers SCO, what to remember

Angers SCO-RCL. They shook the opposing nets, but the Angevins finally tasted it. to failure, at Stade Raymond Kopa, against RC Lens. Final result of this clash between Angers SCO and RC Lens: 1  2. Here's what to remember from the match.

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03:32 – It's getting hot Lens

It gets hot Lens

05/11/22 – 22:51 – End of the match at; Angers (1-2)!

The advantage in the score (1-2) of RC Lens is rather logical in view of the stats proposed at the end of this confrontation. The Lensois indeed had a slight increase in ball possession (44%-56%) but also and above all proved to be more dangerous by framing more shots (9 shots against 2 for Angers SCO).

05/11/22 – 22:51 – Missed opportunity for RC Lens

RC Lens is threatening but the opposing goalkeeper manages to break through. save his side with this strike as we reach the 90th minute of the game.

05/11/22 – 22:51 – Shot on target for Angers SCO

Interesting situation for Angers SCO: the shot is on target but the opposing goalkeeper watches the grain and can clear.

05/11/22 – 22:50 – Angers SCO gets a free kick very close to the goals!

Equalizing ball! As we play the last moments of the game at Stade Raymond Kopa, Thomas Leonard whistles a foul against the Lensois who find themselves besieged in the last meters and will have to repel a new opposing action. Another goal would reduce their lead to nil to this moment of the meeting.

05/11/22 – 22:47 – Yellow card for Kevin Danso (RC Lens)

Kevin Danso, the RC Lens player, receives a warning at the end of the game. the 90th minute, in this 2nd half.

05/11/22 – 22:46 – Offside whistled; against Angers SCO

An Angers SCO player is sanctioned; of an offside and allows his opponents to move forward. We are playing the 90th minute of play in this game.

05/11/22 – 22:45 – Free kick for RC Lens

This is one of the last free kick opportunities for RC Lens, as we play the 90th minute of play in this Angers-Lens. The perfect time to get started shelter in this end of meeting.

05/11/22 – 22:43 – Corner for Angers SCO

Thomas Leonard signals a corner kick in favor of Angers SCO. Led by the score (1-2) in this 2nd half, the Angevins will try to create danger in front of the goal of RC Lens by bringing size into the penalty area.


05/11/22 – 22:43 – Change for Angers SCO

Thomas Leonard reports a substitution: Batista Mendy is recalled; on the bench and Waniss Taïbi enters the field for Angers SCO.

05/11/22 – 22:42 – Opportunity for Angers SCO< /h3>

Nice opportunity; for Angers SCO as we play the 87th minute at Stade Raymond Kopa.

05/11/22 – 22:42 – Miha Blazic closes the gap at Stade Raymond Kopa (1-2)!

Angers SCO closes the gap in this duel against RC Lens, thanks to; a signed goal Miha Blazic ` the 87th minute of play in this 2nd half. The score goes to 1 to 2 at Stade Raymond Kopa.

05/11/22 – 22:41 – Yellow card for Brice Samba (RC Lens)

Brice Samba, the player of RC Lens, is sanctioned; from a yellow card to the 86th minute, in this 2nd half.

05/11/22 – 22:40 – Change for RC Lens

Thomas Leonard signals a replacement: Deiver Machado leaves the playing area and Ismaël Boura enters for RC Lens.

05/11/22 – 22:39 – Change for RC Lens

Jonathan Gradit gives way to; Jean Onana at; the 84th minute of play in this match.