Ángela Aguilar: her white corset and 4 other times that she has shown to have the shortest waist in the show

September 13, 2021 by archyde

There are three things for which Angela Aguilar is recognized: her incredible voice talent, big heart, and the shortest waistline that has been seen in the show since the days of such figures as Thalia.

The 17-year-old is also the youngest heir to the dynasty Aguilar, which continues to be successful and has diversified its offer to the public.

its youth is inversely proportional to its fame and it can be said that it is greatly superior to that of its brothers, since Joseph Emiliano and ring They are not on stage, and Ángela’s presence in social networks is greater than that of Leonardo or even that of her father Pepe Aguilar.

The singer has so far six million 800 followers in Instagram, a brand that puts it on figures like Franco Escamilla, Lucero And till Gloria Trevi.

The photos of the singer, in addition to being a sensation on this social network, also show that she has the smallest waist in show business.

The white corset / 673 thousand likes

During the most recent concert of the Aguilar, called “Jaripeo without borders”, Angela She was seen wearing a corset that has stolen the attention of fans and media alike. This is because in addition to being an elegant piece, it highlights the physical work carried out by the star.

Less than 24 hours after having published these snapshots, the young woman has already reached 700 thousand likes, a mark that could break in the next few hours.

Pure elegance / 686,551 likes

One of the virtues it has Angela Aguilar is that it does not lose the style and should not make excessive use of necklines to attract attention. In one of her most recent photographs, the also dog lover showed herself with a dress long with white dots and flower finishes that combined perfectly with a belt.

This image not only garnered more than 686 thousand likes in the platform, but it was a sample that what stands out the most in her is the elegance and the necessary bearing to wear any outfit.

Dressed as a wedding / 603 thousand 817 likes

During the delivery of The Youth Awards, The artist stood out for her interpretive quality and for a white dress with which she performed one of her most recognized singles: “There where they see me.”

In addition to the wasp waist that she usually shows, the daughter of Pepe Aguilar He demonstrated the notes he can achieve with the privileged voice that was inherited from him.

Fitness / 906,406 likes

As well as showing that she has an athletic body, the singer He showed his love for nature on May 14 with a video in which he could be seen in front of the sunset.

The image also stands out because it receives with joy the drops from Water from rain and is also surprised by the beautiful show that the climate. For this snapshot, the young woman approached a million likes.

A painful loss / 498 thousand 29 likes

Angela Aguilar Not only does he know how to dress well and look impressive in photographs, but in addition to this he also knows how to show appreciation to the people he loves.

On May 13, he published an image to say goodbye to Willy, a man who worked with his family on the shows they put on and lost the battle against the coronavirus. On that occasion, the musical star dedicated a few tender words to honor his memory.

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