Android smartphones will be able to warn the owners about the reason for incoming calls companies

On smartphones based on Android tested function to alert the users about the reason for incoming call companies. The aim of the developers of Google is to relieve customers from marketing calls.

Android-смартфоны смогут предупреждать владельцев о причине входящих звонков компаний

A new option has been called Verified Calls and is designed to help users find out what purpose he is calling a certain company. However, the function will only work with those firms that receive permission from Google, so Russian customers are unlikely in the near future to take advantage of innovation. When you have incoming calls from companies that have passed moderation, on the screen of the smartphone will see its name, logo, and the purpose of the call. Verified Calls will be enabled by default. Us users can already wait for the beginning of the service.

Earlier in the equipment store Store Google announced a campaign that envisages a significant reduction in the price of goods.

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