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Operating system Android or iOS: which smartphones are bought in Ukraine

Changes are taking place in the Ukrainian smartphone market. Most of the people who used to choose Android phones, now more and more people are buying iPhone. According to the latest research by Rakuten Viber, as of February 2024, the vast majority of Ukrainians – 78% – use Android-based smartphones. However, the share of iOS users has increased significantly, reaching 22%, which is 5 percentage points more than two years ago.

The top five smartphone brands have not changed and include Samsung, Redmi, Apple (iPhone maker ), Xiaomi and Huawei. As for the specific models that people buy most often, phones from Xiaomi and the older iPhone are leading here. The most popular is Redmi 9A from Xiaomi – it is a very affordable phone with a good screen, camera and a large battery. iPhone 11 and other Redmi models are also on the popular list.

It is interesting that the number of people who decided to buy an iPhone is increasing. Maybe it's because the iPhone is considered more prestigious, or because older iPhone models are becoming more affordable. 

The market remains in high demand for low-cost models, especially from Xiaomi, which shows that people want to buy phones at an affordable price but with good features. And although the iPhone 11 is no longer new, its popularity shows the desire of Ukrainians to have a quality product with a good camera and support from the manufacturer.

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