Sat. Apr 20th, 2024

>> Andriy Shevchenko/UNITED24

The President of the UAF, as well as the first ambassador of the UNITED 24 platform, Andriy Shevchenko visited the 13th Brigade of the National Guard of Ukraine “Charter” in the Kupyan-Lyman direction.

Andriy Shevchenko from the first days of the war, he was certain in his beliefs and supported Ukraine. Now he decided to visit our soldiers at the front. This was reported on the UNITED24 page.

He took a joint photo with the military, and also signed the Ukrainian flag and national team T-shirts for the defenders.

There is nothing more important than support our military. I admire their courage, endurance, indomitability. I sincerely thank everyone who defends Ukraine! – noted Shevchenko.

Andrii Shevchenko is a Ukrainian football player who played as a striker for “Dynamo” Kyiv, “Milan” and “Chelsea” of London. Honored Master of Sports of Ukraine (2003). Has the title of Hero of Ukraine (2004). During 2016-2021, he was the head coach of the national team of Ukraine.

In 2003, he became the first Ukrainian to win the Champions League. The winner of the “Golden Ball” 2004 – a prize awarded to the best football player in the world (at that time – the best football player in Europe). From January 25, 2024, Shevchenko became the President of the Ukrainian Football Association.

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