Andriy Shevchenko for 20 million dollars undertook to turn the Russian national football team in international tournaments, – Head of the Association of Football Players

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Andriy Shevchenko for 20 million dollars undertook to turn the Russian national football beside the international football tournament, - the head of the football player

the head of the Assocyan football reservoir Oleg Pecherski Zylannami on his jerla rospovіv about the house of the house of mi & nbsp; Rosiysky Maglyarder Iteman Abramovich Tuhdifykhi Lovewank Pecherny published his own commentary on the side of Facebook. 

“Our sergeant extra coach of the national selection Andriy Shevchenko can be very close friends and businessmen with the Russian oligarch, entrusted by the special Putin Roman Abramovich. Deutsche Welle and Bloomberg wrote about the language, – guessing Pecherny and adding that at the same time they save money. 

The Association heads for them, there are a wide number of their foreign friends and access to President Volodymyr Zelensky

Shevchenko can win, so that you need to know the sanctions against Abramovich, but not only. 

«You know that Russia has stumbled overboard in international football. This hit the Kremlin and the hamants of yoga sponsors more painfully.

It is possible to correct the situation for the presence at the warehouse of UEFA/FIFA of its strong lobby, as if it had not been compromised, it would not have been enough for the football reputation and it would have been important to suspect the sympathies of Putin. Shevchenko – just an ideal candidate, as if I still love pennies, as people from this close sharpness are plowing,” – Pecherny rose. 

The head of the Association added, what tsey conceived is still from the last years of fate. Shevchenko can follow him to the international football bodies «and m’by some force, as it seems, from the ensign of peacekeeping, turn the Russians to the bosom of international football».

« It’s OK, more Abramovich, having propagated you a budget of 20 million dollars,” Pecherny clarified. And reshta – 10 million dollars, a small sum to reach the necessary status, that is “for lobbyists, for the inclusion of administrative and security officials, for a media campaign with PR” Shevchenko. 

“And now let's guess what we had in the past fate. Hiba not a vice? Isn't that administrative force in charge of football? Isn't it just such a big thing? From quiet roses, like they came before me, I can admit that the okre individuals “practised” not free. The exact amount of fees, less obviously, was not announced. But more of the participants in the implementation will think, I think, that they were victorious blindly, and none of them still 10 million dollars. without giving a penny,” Pecherny commented. 

Having added that information about Shevchenko, “all the troubles are worth a penny, races, Abramovichs are already on the high international level.”


Нагадаємо, на минулому тижні Андрія Шевченка було звільнено з посади віце-президента Національного олімпійського комітету та виключено з членів НОК.

Напередодні його кандидатуру офіційно кандидатом на посаду керівника Української асоціації футболу висунув колишній «регіонал&raquo ; and  Yanukovych's colleague Viktor Mezheyko.

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