Andriy Danilko nareshti vodcrito rozpoviv about his secret team

Andriy Danilko nareshti vodcrito rozpoviv about his secret team

Andriy Danilko nareshti rozpovіv about his secret squad

Zhittєradisna, vpevnena in his own, energetic Verka Serdyuchka, the absolute protility of the one who wins his role – Andriy Danilka. Zhovtnі artists will have 49 fates, but Alvin still can't do it.

Future producer, singer, composer, showman Andriy Danilko is from Poltava region. Vin is alive in even modest minds, his sister was inspired by the splendid native land of Radians. After the death of the father of the mother of the future artist, it was necessary to do a lot of work to protect the children. In childhood, the lad is modest and unfailing, wine is not wise, that the mother cannot provide for the greater needs of the lad, going to school, learning to read, not straying into history, not bugging herself around her relatives. Yogo bright spogad zі school – a party student Anya Serdyuk, yak vin bov secretly sighs. The girl was born from a secure homeland, that activist. For rozpovіddu Andriy, vіn nіbі vіdchuvav vіn nіbіv іn nіbіvіv іn іnії ієї sudї sudіd na party, іt didn't rob him in any way, to win the heart of the beauty. Yunak shche at the school saw a lot of groups and studios: theatrical, dance, musical, KVK. It's not a small sum of money to spend on a graduation suit for a lad. Andriy guesses that youmu was ashamed for the price. After the appearance of the character of Verka Serdyuchka, people near the native place condemned the future celebrity, respecting the image of Serdyuchka as shouting that vulgar. Through tse Andriy and at the same time not to love the native places, so deeply hurt his heart. Like Bachimo, behind the evocative image of a strong, inspired specialness, like Verka Serduchka, crying indignantly, a sensitive person.

Andriy Danilko nareshti about his secret team

Andriy Danilko image of Verka Serduchka

About the special life of Andriy Danilka, it seems not so rich: in the nineties, a new one had a sleeping life with a kohana, it seems that the actress was a celibate, as she played the role of Serdyuchka's mother – Inna Bilokon. Vaughn is the eldest for an artist for a lifetime, wanted to have children with her, Andriy wanted to develop in the sphere of show business. The self-confidence of a celebrity gave birth to an impersonal bit about a non-traditional orientation, a special life, they said that I could have two children from a surrogate mother. Spivak, having asked a little, having said that you don’t understand, you don’t take the stars.

I'm going to be destitute on my own, now I'm comfortable alone.

The artist was also credited with a novel by actress Radmila Shchegolova. Lately, since 2016, Danilko has again become public with the Inna Bilokon, and in the meantime, signs have begun to walk, an hour of sleeping in Miami has grown, for which a couple kisses. The artist himself calls Inna a close friend and does not reveal the details.

Andriy Danilko nareshti roared about his secret squad

Andriy Danilko and Inna Bilokon

Once Andriy Danilko took the status of a bachelor, he never spoke about his stature, the will to live alone. According to the government, a woman helps you, but Andriy is comfortable in his self. In 2018, Danilko's roci still knew that the new one had serious stoks, that they had ended. After the arrival of Verka Serduchka, she went to the state office, because Andriy was terribly worried about the separation. Danilko explains why his inner state is dissonant with the image of the bright Serduchka. In one of the interviews, Andriy Danilko nevertheless spoke about food about the special life:

My only team that I love is my robot.

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With the beginning of a full-scale invasion of Russia into Ukraine, Andriy Danilko left Kiev, invoking his duty to help his country there, wherever necessary. We know that the good heart of Danilko cannot go through the heart of a human famously. As early as before, do all your best, the artist vvazha for better not to advertise, but for the information of his close otchennya, he helps chimalo and migrants, and wary, and injured. Start playing at concerts and earn some money on ZSU.


At a time, the artist knows that he is ready for new stoks, but he’ll get to know you on purpose, he won’t be able to knock out half of the wines, it’s more at wartime. Andriy Danilko would like to become happy with the couple, we are blessed by the soul of the artist, because no one else deserves it.